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Who is the NFL?

❶Also, no one can forget the gambling, violence and safety impacts that the professional football leagues have helped to change, for better or for worse.


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The 49ers "were the first major league sports team based in San Francisco. They came to existence in as part of the All-America Football Conference. The San Francisco 49ers' prominence came during the s primarily. In addition to the success of the 49ers during this decade, the NFL also expanded its affinity with fans. Montana had enjoyed a series of successes and was known to be a top prospect as he was a notable player for his moxie.

Walsh would implement a variety of strategies and game play that while initially was unsuccessful, "49ers" allowed the team to establish themselves tremendously in the s.

Between and , the 49ers would consistently play well as they became even more well-known for their dramatic plays and turnarounds. NFL history notes this team as being one of the most impressive in their history as far as Super Bowl championships. By , the San Francisco 49ers had one of the best seasons in the team's history; however this would not even give way to what would happen next.

Throughout the course of the next few seasons, Rice began to show development after playing as rookie. Rice would establish himself as the elite receiver by and the 49ers were known by fans as one of the most insightful and prolific teams in the NFL "49ers" thereby changing the dynamics of football; especially in the Western Division.

Due to the almost historic fluctuations of the San Francisco 49ers in the s, the scope of football has been changed. The team is often noted as having their glory years during this decade due to Montana and Rice. During this era, Jerry Rice became the primary target for both Montana and Young. Rice played with San Francisco from until and retired as the all-time NFL leader in receptions, receiving touchdowns and receiving yards. All three players are counted among the all-time greatest NFL players" Coon.

Consumer devotion to the 49ers is then to be expected. The authenticity of the brand that is football is that it contributes to re-enchanting the respect and concern of the proverbial relationship.

Consumers are able to feel enriched by the engagement of sports and the forms of devotion that it produces. Sports hold a centrality in our lives and this devotional dedication is the sole extension of the passionate embrace that football has on consumers. As previously noted consumers find self-identity with the players on the sports teams such as the San Francisco 49ers, even if they have never met them nor played as well.

The sport of football in its psychological element extends a thread of connectedness with the habitants of society. The proliferation of sports in society is a testament to the NFL and teams such as the San Francisco 49ers. Societal culture has been bettered as a result of the game of football. Giulianotti, Richard, and Roland Robertson. Harvard Business Review Press , Com LLC, 5 Sept. Chris Creamer Properties, Inc.

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The populace of America is into gambling their favorite teams in hope of winning even more money. The consequences for such actions are broken bones and bruises along with the involvement of the authorities. Also, the men on the football field tend to get to into the game. Fights sometimes break out between men that are too competitive or have too big of egos. Now that many men have suffered serious injuries from being too violent in the games, we now have the luxury of safer equipment to use on the football field.

Helmets, pads, cleats and even referees have advanced due to the commencement of professional football. America today is a country that enjoys watching professional football, but rarely do those people realize how much the NFL has impacted their country throughout the years. The National Football League has impacted our economy because of the money being given to the players and the stadiums.

Also, no one can forget the gambling, violence and safety impacts that the professional football leagues have helped to change, for better or for worse. Despite the fact that the NFL has its entertaining qualities, it could change minds about its importance when people realize the impacts it has had on the country.

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Another way the National Football League has affected the a social matter. Whether it is the tourism, advertisements or the advancements in video games and television, the NFL has left a foot print on America socially.

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