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6 Characteristics of Great Customer Service

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❶How can businesses provide consistent and reliable customer service? See more popular or the latest prezis.

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What is reliability, anyway?
What Does Excellent Customer Service Mean?
Why Is the Customer Always Right?

Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Transcript of Explain what contributes to consistent and reliable customer Explain what contributes to consistent and reliable customer service What is customer service and why is it important to a business? Consistent and reliable customer service Most organisations provide special training to customer service staff to ensure that each person has the same approach.

This is likely to focus on the following aspects of the job. Satisfied customers have confidence in the service. Satisfied customers believe they have recieved value for money. Repeat custom increases sales without spending money on advertising. Word of mouth advertising can enhance a firm's reputation.

Internal customers are satisfied when they can rely upon consistent and accurate information. Codes of practice Voluntary guidelines or standards that identify the standards of service that customers can expect.

They provide information and guidance for external customers and for staff who then know exactly what type of services they are supposed to provide. Codes of practice can be drawn up at different levels. Industry codes of practice Organisational codes of practice Professional codes of practice Ethical standards Customer service is " the customers complete experience, from the second they enter a business or view a website, to the after-sales service, such as spare parts or repairs.

Respond in a Timely Manner The last thing a customer wants is to wait a long time for a query or complaint to be resolved. As per the definition of excellent customer service, one should strive to deal with such situations efficiently so as not to antagonize the customer even more and potentially lose the customer's business.

Make the call back after promising to do so, process a refund without delay or replace the item that was faulty. Customer loyalty should be of paramount importance to any business. Become Familiar with Customers Personalization is also key to showing customers that their business is valued. Greeting customers by their given name, recalling previous conversations held with them and tailoring products and services that meet their needs can contribute to an effective customer-business relationship.

Rectify Mistakes To err is human, and to apologize for and remedy mistakes from the outset is admirable. Being able to take responsibility for one's actions and deal with any errors made promptly is a sign of excellent customer service. Failing to rectify mistakes can ultimately lead to a company having a bad reputation, and thus a loss of business.

Go Above and Beyond Expectations Customers love when they receive a service that went beyond their expectations. An excellent customer service adviser will take pride in delivering a service that exceeds not only the customers' needs, but also the requirements of the company that he or she works for.

Going that extra mile is what makes average service different from excellent customer service. The idea is to offer support where customers are looking for it.

For some organizations, their customer base may prefer to ask for help on Twitter or Facebook rather than calling a service line. Instead of refusing to embrace social media because the traditional channels are already set up, create a social media customer service workflow to ensure your employees are handling requests on those platforms as well.

Social media just happens to be a more convenient or comfortable medium for some. In addition, support on social media can lead to benefits beyond just happy customers.

For more tips on how to get the most out of your social media presence, see this article. Consistently great service is just as important as timeliness and overall outcome, as it all feeds into the total experience. This can affect whether they recommend your company or buy from you in the future.

For more tips on providing excellent customer service, check out our article on the best practices for customer relationship management.

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Consistent and reliable customer service will hook customers and keep them returning for more business. Consumer retention enhances a company's profitability, so providing consistent and reliable customer service is good for the bottom line.

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Mar 25,  · Whether you’re self-employed or run a big corporation, customer support and service can’t be understated. By offering tech support through help-desk software or on social media platforms, you are building relationships with your customers. Those relationships can lead to trust and hopefully a boost to sales/5(7).

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A customer's point of view is subjective. If they trust my Internet service to deliver, that's more important than empirical data. Reliability is an important factor in their trust. If I . Mar 21,  · Best Answer: It is a service provided to customer as part of your job, in which the end result is the "reasonable" satisfaction of the customer. This may entail, always being on hand to answer the phone and never missing a call nor waiting too long/put on hold, and offering solutions to problems or Status: Resolved.

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13 Lesson Objective: To understand how businesses provide consistent and reliable Customer Service and why it is important to them. Task 1 - P2 In a PowerPoint, describe the characteristics of consistent and reliable customer service. Know how consistent and reliable customer service contributes to customer satisfaction. Customers want to rely on good customer service. Needing regular information all the time will lead difficulties. If you are an external customer so you won't use a supplier every time that provides you with poor goods or a careless service. .