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Jurisprudence Essay

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❶The law always claims to have legitimate authority, but this has implications on our personal autonomy.

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Jurisprudence Essay

Also another problem will occur. There will be an opportunity cost in economical terms. There will be an opportunity cost because sexual predator will take up the time for court trials and judges. This will therefore means other criminals such as robbers etc.

If a case has been left for 24 months without being given a trial, the case will automatically closes itself. Which thus means government will have the hire more judges and build more court house for others criminals. Where does the government get the money from? Citizens of the cities will have to pay more tax. So therefore in economical terms, introducing the new sexual predator law is not wise.

According to the Canadian Chapter of rights and freedoms, each individual have the right arbitrarily detained or imprisoned. This means we have no right to incarcerated prisoners forever, just for one crime they did. We have to believe in rehabilitation, that each criminal will receive help to aid them back to become normal again. If the sexual predator law does enforce, this will take away the freedom of criminals of being rehabilitate, thus going against the Canadian chapter of rights and freedom.

Also under the Canadian chapter of rights and freedom no. This law means we cannot assume the criminal will do the act again and thus put them imprison forever. We can only put criminals in prison for what they have done and not what we think they will do in the future. Therefore before each sex predator are proven to be guilty we have to believe them. This once again arouse the public, because if the government can now enforce such law to take away criminal freedoms, one day the government can enforce more laws to restrict even more freedom.

This is the Dangerous Offender Act. However to meet the criteria for the DOA is really hard. After looking at the flaws and strength the jurisprudence of the sexual predator law, I think the law should be to the visible part of the iceberg, in another words it should be enforced. Dworkin suggests that Judge Hercules would always make the right decision and that the role of human judges is simply to aspire to be as Hercules-like as possible. Dworkin's Judge Hercules is very similar to John Rawls' allegory about the veil of ignorance that he uses to illustrate the meaning of objective justice.

Policy To explain the importance of valuing principle over policy in the construct and…… [Read More]. Clarence Thomas Personhood and Politics. Though six other Justices joined in overturning Staples' conviction, it was Justice Thomas who wrote the majority opinion, and he makes it clear that anything not explicitly allowed or made illegal by the law -- either in the Government's actions or in the actions of individual citizens -- is left to individual or local, it is implied discretion Oyez The Staples case demonstrates this quite clearly, as do other of his published rulings.

In Archer et ux v. Warner , Justice Thomas dissented form the majority opinion, which used what was considered the intent of a bankruptcy exemption for fraud to overturn the decisions of lower courts and demand that the Warners pay the Archers a previously agreed-upon settlement Oyez Government Politics Texas - A Good. One thinks of the arren Court, and the great number of decisions concerning civil rights, voting rights, etc.

It is often not realized, however, to what an extent state judges play ar ole in shaping these issues. In many state court systems, the state system was actually more liberal than the Federal: First and foremost, state constitutions may be used not only to broaden rights but also to restrict them. They are far easier to amend than the U. Therefore, forces within a state dissatisfied with liberal court interpretations of the fundamental state law may, without nearly the same effort required on the federal level, undo those rulings Constitutes Religion Science Sociology and.

However, the point of mergence between the two theories has been given a name for itself and it is known as the Overlap Thesis. Overall, the natural law theory of law is used to refer to the analysis of legal systems and philosophical issues of law. Among those who sought that natural law has no valid grounds is Leo Strauss who was convinced that it has to be refused on the premises of history and of the differences between facts and values.

To most of those who oppose natural law, human knowledge and thought is characterized by the historical interpretation and history is time-bound and thus unable to encompass something which is eternal. Another reason natural law has been criticized is because of its ontological and epistemological suggestions. In regards to the former, it has been noted that no matter the way reality is perceived, whether from a theological point-of-view,…… [Read More].

Legal System of America. Criminal Justice Agency The American legal system is very systematic and works amazingly well. It's complicated given its intricacy as its framework is argumentative. The Supreme Court sometimes changes the law as it holds that authority. The Supreme Court decides which laws are to be upheld and which are to be altered.

Learning the court system can be a tough ask but not an impossible one. In this research paper, the aim is to break down the American law into layman language. It will start from legal system of U. And shift to court systems. Then different kinds of courts will be examined whilst examining their separate duties. Prelude The constitution is responsible for the entire American legal system.

The American constitution is the ultimate law on American soil. The public is bound by this American constitution as it shapes their actions accordingly. The American public is answerable under the…… [Read More]. Combating Domestic Abuse in the United States Domestic Abuse In the United States, intimate partner violence afflicted nearly 4 out of 1, persons aged 12 or older in , down from 1 in in Catalano, This translates into 0.

Females are victimized more often than males, however, with one male victimized for every six females. Family violence victimization rates were similar, with about 2. To put this statistic in perspective, approximately one in ten violent victimizations within the U. The gradual decline in domestic violence rates could be due to…… [Read More]. Immigration This paper provides a review of the relevant literature concerning the case, Padilla v.

It is this paper's thesis that the decision in Padilla has significant implications for defense lawyers who must now become familiar with the complexities of immigration law or retain counsel to assist them in this area. Established in Strickland v. Washington, the test for ineffective assistance of counsel is comprised of two parts: American Disabilities Act American's With.

Schall, In addition to a lightened burden of proof and broader definition there were two additional changes resulting from the amendment which served to positively affect the impact and ultimate effectiveness of the legislation. This amendment clarified the fact that judges are not allowed to assess possible mitigating factors such as medication, corrective surgery, or specialized equipment in the determination of whether or not an individual is disabled. This change is directly related to the Sutton case.

Further the amendments clarified the definition of major life activities. This amendment relates directly to the Williams case in which a judge deemed that Carpal Tunnel wasn't in fact a significant impairment to major life activities, it merely precluded her from successfully completing specific tasks in the work place. Though the language of the Act is still quite ambiguous, these changes help to clarify and protect the intention of the act.

Ethics and Professional Responsibility of. The primary step is to change the mindset of lawyers. They have to stop believing that they run the show and instead focus them as members of a team along with the judge to ensure that the legal system works for the innocent people in the right direction.

Its important that every lawyer strikes a balance between his or her obligations to the clients and the justice system. As a supplement, more stringent laws should be implemented and the actions of the prosecution should come under closer scrutiny to ensure that they will abide by the ethics and professional code of conduct as laid down by the lawmakers.

Plan for administrators "Few problems can pose a greater threat to free, democratic societies than that of wrongful conviction -- the conviction of an innocent person.

Yet relatively little attention has been paid to this problem, perhaps because…… [Read More]. International Judges the Legal Neutrality. In these instances, a state might claim that the international community has acted beyond its jurisdiction as limited in Article 38 by allowing some action.

Such an action is exemplified by the dispute between the NAT and Yugoslavia regarding ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. Accordingly, the ICJ reports that "as to Article 38, paragraph 5, of the Rules of Court, it provides that when a State files an application against another State which has not accepted the jurisdiction of the Court, the application is transmitted to that other State, but no action is taken in the proceedings unless and until that State has accepted the Court's jurisdiction for the purposes of the case.

The doctrine of good faith and fair dealing is like the idea of fairness, is simple to expressive but hard to relate with accuracy. Most lawyers know the policy in the circumstance of personal property sales for the reason that the Uniform Commercial Code is clear on that issue.

The principle is frequently murky though in regards to other matters. The principle is additionally clouded when courts and critics merge it with ideas such as disclosure, misrepresentation and fraud. Causes of action based on contract law join with those founded in tort. With the ensuing mess of conflicting legal principles, it is not unexpected that courts take a fact exact move toward deciding cases and, in doing so, often reach conflicting conclusions Walsh, n.

There have been two significant efforts to establish the connotation of good faith and to figure out what kind of conduct the duty commands. Government Needs to Stay Out. The history of communism and fascism is replete with such nauseating disrespect for the common customs and mores of people that gird the very structures of society. In addition to local common law, microlegal systems guide and gird international law as well. As defined by Philip Adott in the Concept of International Law, "micro-legal systems of treaties…are an integral part of a society's legal self-constituting, its self-ordering through law…the international legal system…contains a customary form of law, and treaties have a complex and subtle relationship to customary international law Adott, , pp.

English Legal System the Sources. The Da Costa ruling, however, determined that any ruling of the European Court of Justice must necessarily apply to all national courts when interpreting Community Law Craig In this way, the law is guaranteed to be applied evenly in and in the same manner in all member nation courts when deciding Community Law issues, whereas prior to this ruling differing interpretations of the same facets of Community Law could be applied to the same issue.

It is important to note that this ruling does not affect the various national courts of the member nations of the European Union when interpreting national law, and in fact the European Union and its various courts, including the European Court of Justice, have no sway over such interpretations, as the European Union is not a true federal entity Craig In this way, while ensuring the equitable interpretation of Community Law in all…… [Read More].

Women's Rights Cases for Gender. The United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of Illinois and argued that the Fourteenth Amendment was designed to protect against race discrimination only…" Gibson, , Background to Muller v. The Court ruled that the Fourteenth Amendment did not include the protection of women's rights.

The following depicts Justice Bradley's concurring opinion regarding Bradwell's Man is, or should be, woman's protector and defender. The natural and proper timidity and delicacy which belongs to the female sex evidently unfits it for many of the occupations of civil life.

The constitution of the family organization, which is founded in the divine ordinance, as well in the nature of things, indicates the domestic sphere as that which properly belongs to the domain and functions of womanhood The paramount destiny and mission of woman are to fulfill the noble and benign offices of wife and mother.

This is the law…… [Read More]. Gideon v Wainwright Case Name. The Fourteenth Amendment is specifically concerned with due process. Moreover, while due process may not be violated by allowing states to establish different guidelines for their criminal trials and procedures than those established in the federal system, the Court seems to recognize that if something has been established as a necessary minimum to guarantee due process in the federal system, it will also be the minimum in the states.

One thing about this case, and about most states' existing criminal systems, is that it differentiates between misdemeanors and felonies, by providing that those charged with felonies are entitled to an appointed attorney. However, the distinction between misdemeanors and felonies seems untenable; people charged with misdemeanors face the threat of the loss of liberty and property. If due process cannot be protected without an attorney, and the Court feels that this threat is the same regardless of the degree of punishment,…… [Read More].

O'Connor Traditionally Nominations to the. Anxious to return to law in , O'Connor won a seat as a trial judge on the Maricopa Superior Court In Babbit, who had been elected governor, appointed O'Connor to the Arizona Court of Appeals an intermediate appellate court.

O'Connor is also said to have held that her nomination to the Supreme Court was "a classic example of being the right person in the right spot…… [Read More]. Gun Control Has Become a.

Which simply means that those who are interested in committing crimes will usually do so given any access or restrictions standards? It is evident from this analysis that guns have little impact upon crime rates.

However, gun control advocacies use misinformation to present a dangerous position to the public. Another important factor in media manipulation is the use of specific misinformation to influence public opinion to support severity within gun legislation. Popular gun control advocacies use strong statistics to influence the public into perceiving that gun control is not only needed, but that gun violence is an escalating crime that needs to provide greater security mandates. Oftentimes they use deceiving statistics as a means to manipulate public opinion on the prevalence of firearms.

For instance, the Brady…… [Read More]. United States Supreme Court Decision. However, this Court also recognizes that mental illness oftentimes differs from other immutable characteristics, such as mental retardation and age, in that a defendant oftentimes has the ability to control mental illness through medical interventions.

Though there are serious questions regarding Panetti's competency to stand trial, much less his competency to represent himself in that trial, there simply does not appear to be any evidence that he was insane at the time of the murders.

Panetti engaged in preparations that were rationally aimed at accomplishing the murder of his in-laws, but was able to refrain from killing his wife and child. In addition, he engaged in a stand-off with police that resulted in him escaping the stand-off without being killed and…… [Read More]. Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. Or, as Saletan points out, those three elements "by deduction, are the due process test" But this ought to leave a bad taste in one's mouth because all three of these elements can be manipulated to violate one's due process right.

If the target is a suspected terrorist, "imminence" can be redefined to justify killing him. If the weapon is a drone, feasibility of arrest has already been ruled out -- that's why the drone has been sent to do the job.

So in any drone strike on a U. Has he been fighting alongside al-Qaida? If he has, we can kill him. That's the same rule we apply to foreigners. In effect, citizenship doesn't matter. The "due process" test is empty"…… [Read More]. Unlike other areas of the law, the study of criminal procedure has undergone major transformations as a result of the decisions of the last three courts, the Warren, Burger and ehnquist courts.

These three courts have changed the legal landscape in the cases involving criminal procedure and, in the process; have created a great deal of controversy Bloom, The application of the Bill or ights to the states has been an acrimonious issue in the U. Supreme Court for a number of years. It all began when the Warren Court began applying the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments directly against the states, under a doctrine that became to be known as selective incorporation.

The Warren Court used the selective incorporation method…… [Read More]. Clause 2 Of the United. It is difficult to say whom the Supremacy Clause affects in particular, and why, because it has the potential to impact all Americans. For example, many of the ground-breaking Supreme Court decisions in recent time are based in some way on the Supremacy Clause. For example, the famous Civil ights Supreme Court decisions such as Loving v. Board of Education, U. However, it is important to realize that they can only do so based on the fact that the states do not have the power to deprive citizens of their constitutionally protected rights.

Those decisions have had a significant wide-ranging impact on all Americans; while the U. U S and European Jury Systems. Reform from within the EU does not seem possible, either. It is so structured as to prevent changes in member states' minority status and other modifications from becoming attainable.

Attempts by any government to amend the Community laws are considered doomed to failure, because Parliament has almost no part in European law-making Andrews.

Conclusion Common and civil law systems are inherently opposed, although their shared goal is to conduct a just, speedy and most inexpensive settling of conflicts Messitte American courts have increasingly acknowledged the need to continuously evaluate and modify their processes and altogether improve the quality of justice. Efforts cover many other aspects of court activity, ranging from dispute resolution mechanisms, such as arbitration and mediation, to procedures, such as default and summary judgment used I the early stage of a trial without needing to proceed to a formal trial Messitte.

Jury trial has disappeared in the…… [Read More]. Brethren A Critical Book Review. Indeed, this understanding of the Marshall court comes full circle: The Court is the most cutting edge front of American legal society, casting decisions that are years ahead of what the general populace often wants, according to Armstrong and Woodward, but the Court is also a conservative vestige of administrations past because of lifetime tenure.

That is why the most influential Courts are those in which an appointed justice does not conform to the expectations of his presidential appointer, but rather strikes out on his or her own with a body of decisions that counter the president's and former administration's ideas.

Opinion The viewpoint of Armstrong and Woodward as presented in "The Brethren" is a much more forgiving look at the Court's influence than the viewpoint presented in our text. However, "The Brethren" looks at the Court with its own jaded eyes as well. The book understands that justices are…… [Read More]. Laws and Extra Legal Doctrines. Rule of Law and Extra-Legal Doctrines The rule of law does not need to be supported or expanded by "extra-legal" doctrines of morality. The laws as they exist today in this country are based upon a system of morality that has evolved over thousands of years.

Our laws embody this system of morality and do not need to be supported by other doctrines of morality. Moral notions of good and bad laws exist to prevent the government from abusing the rights of its citizens. In order for the rule of law to allow a government to exercise power, governments should not execute laws in arbitrary fashion.

Those who make and enforce the law are themselves bound to adhere to it. Appellant Brief - Prisoners' First. Lin's release from MCF has had the effect of rendering his lawsuit moot. In this case, M. Lin was incarcerated at the time the lawsuit was filed, but not at the time it is being decided.

Lin's cause of action fails on the issue of mootness. Additionally, of the six members whom were denied visitation privileges, five of them have had sons which whom were formerly incarcerated at MCF, but now have been released. Thus, all of the six members of MOM claims will fail as a result of mootness. A case may be dismissed as unripe where a statute has never been enforced and there is no real…… [Read More]. Positive Philosophy in Law Thomas Aquinas and Hans Kelsen held that the law enforced by human courts is indeed a positive law.

Legal philosophers have since come up with a flurry of arguments claiming that positive law must have its source and content. These philosophers were and are of contention that the court's core mandate should be that of harmonizing heterogeneous sources of law into a coherent body of law for ease of administration of justice. Sources of law can be drawn from the ancient oman law, legislation, custom, precedent and equity, raw materials processed by courts into genuine law, statutes, precedents, and opinions of experts.

With regard to content, law should be enforced to administer justice Murphy, This assignment intended demonstrate basic understanding legal system adopted United States identifying main tenets comparing contrasting main tenets major legal system. Legal system The United States of America is currently the largest economy of the globe, and the source of most technological innovations and social advancements. Aside from these accomplishments, the U. The legal system in the U.

At this level then, the focus of the current project falls on the assessment of…… [Read More]. Criminal Laws in the United States Are. Criminal laws in the United States are largely and totally considered as the result of the constitutional authority and legislative bodies that enact them. The American constitution normally provides the basis for the development of legislative agencies that are empowered to criminal and other legislations.

For instance, the country's constitution has established the Congress and provides it with the power to make laws. The importance of the Constitution to the substantive criminal law is evident from the fact that it establishes limits on the definitions of crime. In most cases, the criminal laws of specific states and federal governments as well as the definition of crimes and their respective penalties are found in the penal codes of every jurisdiction.

The establishment of criminal legislations in the United States has evolved through the years and is based on several fundamental principles. Creation of Laws in the United States: Most of the…… [Read More]. Company Law the Functions of Company Law. Company Law The functions of company law What is covered in the company law?

For instance, section of the Corporations Act dealing with pre-registration contracts is no-longer necessary. This is clearly illustrated by the lack of reported cases since the introduction of provisions for pre-registration contracts into the legislation. The provisions may have been relevant, even important, in a time when there were no shelf companies and we did not have the technology we have today. As this is no-longer the case it is time we simply reverted back to the common law on pre-registration contracts.

The law always claims to have legitimate authority, but this has implications on our personal autonomy. Fuller writes of Austin: Does this comment identify a weakness in legal positivism generally? Alice has a sure insight into the beliefs of natural lawyers, but to many positivists she is operating February 20, Coursework ID: In the end, therefore, Hart reduces law to the governance of force. The governance of force would be a view of January 11, Coursework ID: We only provide work that has been written by UK university students and is of at least 2.

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Jurisprudence Essays. The selection of jurisprudence law essays below have been submitted to us by students in order to help you with your studies. Please remember to reference if you wish to cite any of these essays in your own work.

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Jurisprudence deals as well with science and philosophy. An example for jurisprudence is the sexual predator law. The society and the lobbying government would like to introduce a new sexual predator law. This law would enable us to incarcerate sex predator indefinitely. This new law is now going through the matrix of jurisprudence.

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English llm jurisprudence and tokyo, is well about legalitys borders, there is an essay community. Librarything is an area of jurisprudence trumplaw, he calls law and reflections thoughts in. Why two semesters students association australian stations pty ltd medical jurisprudence. The term jurisprudence has been used in very different senses. Originally it meant the science of Right. Afterwards it was used to mean knowledge of the principles of law, or skill in its practice. In the institutes of Justinian Jurisprudence is define d to be the knowledge of what is just and unjust.

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Jurisprudence Social Legal | Free Jurisprudence Law Essay Introduction Over the last century, the study of jurisprudence had been filled with various debates on what is law and its relationship with morality. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Dworkins theory of law focuses mainly on the role of judges and adjudication.