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My Mother Essay For Students In English

My Mother- For 8-13 years

❶I was just a little disappointed, but I knew, you would know how to fix your mistake, I love you. She is my role model, because she is just like I want to be when I grow up.

Descriptive Essay on My Mother

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She is the pillar structure of our household life. Whenever I do not see her after I come back from school, I start feeling uneasy. She is a God figure for every child. There is no one else in the universe who can love like a mother and sacrifice almost everything just for the sake of us being happy. She can never be replaced by anyone in our entire life. She sacrifices and assists us even in the most difficult circumstances.

Her encouragement can make us do every possible thing in our life. She often restricts us from doing certain things. That is all because of her attempt to make us go on the right path. She is the embodiment of true love, care, and sacrifices. Mother, you are in my heart and I adore you very much! Please edit these pieces of information based on your comfortability.

They have clung to me all my life. My mother is a GOD for me. She is the one for which I am able to see the beautiful universe around me. She is responsible for all the joy, happiness, pleasure or any other emotion I am possessing right now.

She keeps me shielded from everyone. My mother becomes my umbrella when I get stuck in the rain. She supports me in all my bad times. I have a very profound admiration in my heart for my mother. It is because no one can be fully authentic and genuine in love like her. I live in a family of 4 members — my mother, father, my brother and me. My brother is a year younger than me. She not only helps us in doing homework but also assists us in making decisions.

She is strict at times, no doubt, but she also has a very soft heart. She gently corrects us whenever we make a mistake. My mother plays a very significant role in our family. Early in the morning, she cooks food for all of us. She helps me and my brother to get ready for school. After we go to school, she spends her time in household activities. She also has a praying session in the early part of the day. She prays for us, hoping to see us brighter, every day.

Furthermore, she, in the afternoon and at the night cooks food for us again. This way her day gets over. Serves the entire family, still, we do not have any concrete recognition of her work and end up not praising her. She is never tired of giving us love and affection.

My mother is without doubt the most important person in my life and the most complete individual I know. She is very beautiful and has the kindest eyes that I have ever seen. She not only worked hard to ensure that I had a good upbringing, but was also very strict and often punished me whenever I went wrong. Even though I did not like the punishment then, I now look back and realize that it was meant to lovingly correct me and help me to follow the right path when growing up.

My siblings and I have always taken pride in the appearance of our mother, especially her lovely long hair. I remember whenever my mother came to visit us at school, other pupils would urge us to ask our mother to remove the pins from her hair so they could see the long well-kept hair. Even though I have seen very many beautiful people, very few ladies match the beauty of my mother.

One of the reasons I and my siblings were especially fond of my mother is the way she used to take great care of us, especially when we were ill. She is a very knowledgeable lady who made a variety of home remedies to help take care of the minor illnesses that we had as children.

Her motherly love also extended to the animals in the farm, especially the chickens. I blamedthat on the alcohol. He has to takemedicine. I have to take medicine or I have mood swings. I haven't had mymedicine in two weeks and it'll be a while before it gets back in my system. It'sjust like Daddy's thyroids," she explained, not tooclearly.

And we, as parents," my dad spoke slowly,"want what's best for you and everyone involved, and think that -" "Whatever the kids want," Mom interrupted. Youhaven't seen the kids in a while, but they'll be able to visit you Soon Scott and I were restuffingclothes and books into suitcases. I remember watching her bake cheesecakes, hem skirts, efficiently managedepartments at Macy's, and stand up for her children.

But I also remembermy mother twisting words so she'd appear in a more favorable light, spendingmoney she didn't have, choosing "friends" she correctly believed shewas above, and investing in weak pride because she lacked confidence in herskills, talents and future.

I remember my mother doing all these things,and I remember my dad explaining her childhood and early adulthood: Iremember my dad reassuring me that I wouldn't "be like my mother," butI knew that before he said it. I enjoy life, its blessings and challenges, I amthankful for my abilities, and for the people in life who help where I am weak. And I realize that the most I share with my mom is a knack for makingcheesecake, a talent for taking the wrong exits on freeways, gratitude for ourtime spent reading and playing together, and thankfulness for an always mutuallove.

I love my mom; that's never been hard, though it's certainly been astruggle to respect the woman who made so many faulty decisions that led to anearly hopeless life. It's still a struggle to think of my mother and not cryfor her, and want her to enjoy life. And because of these things it's tempting tothink life is unkind, but stronger than that temptation is the knowledge that myparents have always, and will always, love, cherish, support, and, in two verydifferent ways, teach their children what they can.

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I have learnt to love her from the day I was born. My mother was the first person to teach me to draw and walk, and she was with me when I took my first step ever! She has taught me to believe in people and not to have grudges against one another.

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My mother is the most important person in my life. I have been mentioning her in almost all of the essays I write. The problem is, I cannot really express how I feel about her in just words. My mother is not my whole life, but she is a really big part of it. My whole world does not only revolve 3/5(10).

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An in-depth my mother essay for students of class 1 to The essays are crafted individually for each of the classes. This essay on mother is the longest piece written on the web. Students will get every possible point in the essay. Also, various opinions by our users are added to the mothers essay. Another way she supported us was with love and care. My mom My Hero: My Mother Essay Words | 2 Pages. The one person that I could never live without, the reason I am standing till this day, is my mother. My mother is who I thank and admire most of all. Without her dedication and hard work, I would be in the squatters of the Philippines.

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Words Essay on My Mother. Article shared by. When you knew how to speak, what was your first word? It is Mom. Mom gives me and my father all her love. ADVERTISEMENTS: She loves us more than herself. Her love for us is great like the ocean, the universe and nothing can replace it. She is not only my mom, she is also my friends, my big. My Mom essaysShe has taught me to always try my best, to treat everyone equally, to not give up when things get hard. She tells me to at all times be honest because in the end, lies always hurt more. She instills the importance of family and of doing well at school in me. When I make decisions and s.