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When Santiago says that the ocean is feminine, how does that characterize Santiago and the ocean?

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❶Improved homework resources designed to support a variety of curriculum subjects and standards. In the same paragraph as the above quote, Hemingway has Santiago explain why the feminine is being used.

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Earth itself also tends to be feminine when it is called "Mother Earth. In the same paragraph as the above quote, Hemingway has Santiago explain why the feminine is being used. Santiago is a man, so it makes sense to have him be in love with a woman. The ocean is his other half. As a fisherman, he can't exist without the sea. They are each part of a pair, and that is a typical portrayal of a man and woman that together make a couple.

I don't think his usage of the feminine makes him a misogynist in any way. There are a few insights we can make from this, although it helps to contextualize them with the rest of Santiago's behaviors, such as his careful and patient fishing techniques. There are many interpretations of Hemingway's characterization of this relationship, but they might generally be categorized as follows:.

Ships could be attacked and taken over by pirates. Many ships in the s were damaged or shipwrecked by storms. Passengers sometimes fell overboard and drowned or got sick and died. Although Mayflower did not sink, a few of these things actually did happen!

Mayflower wasn't taken over by pirates -- the ship sailed on a northern path across the Atlantic to avoid them -- but she was damaged by a bad storm halfway to America. The storm cracked one of the massive wooden beams supporting the frame of the ship.

In another storm, a young passenger, John Howland, was swept off the deck of the ship and into the ocean! Although many people were seasick on the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, only one person died. He was a sailor who had been very mean to the passengers and taunted them about their seasickness.

The colonists believed he died because God was punishing him for being cruel. One baby was born during the journey. Elizabeth Hopkins gave birth to her first son, appropriately named Oceanus, on Mayflower.

It must have been very challenging to give birth on a moving ship, with so many people and so much seasickness around. After more than two months 66 days at sea, the Pilgrims finally arrived at Cape Cod on November 11, A few weeks later, they sailed up the coast to Plymouth and started to build their town where a group of Wampanoag People had lived before a sickness had killed most of them.

The Pilgrims lived on the ship for a few more months, rowing ashore to build houses during the day, and returning to the ship at night.

Many people began to get sick from the cold and the wet; after all, it was December! Finally, in March , there were enough houses that everyone could live on land.

After a long, hard voyage, and an even harder winter, Mayflower left Plymouth to return to England on April 5, Traveling on the ocean years ago was a very different experience than it is today. There were no computers, televisions, air conditioners, fancy meals or swimming pools. In the s, most ships were merchant ships. The ocean wave will be a function of lot of parameters like wind, topography, earth rotation etc. Therefore, as ocean itself remains a mystery for us the ocean wave mechanics remains as one of the most intriguing subjects to study.

These mechanical waves spread through a medium, and generally the substance of the medium gets deformed. Owing to the restoring forces, the deformation reverses itself. These kinds of waves do not require a medium. These types of waves may vary in wavelength including visible light, radio waves, microwaves, ultra violet radiation, infrared radiation, x- rays and gamma rays. Yes, these are a bit confusing.

The mathematical form of wave equation varies depending on the type of waves.

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