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Successful student Essay

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❶Her connection with a Student Success Advocate has been, like many, through a simple conversation about her goals. Working with a Student Success Advocate has helped Arielle to feel more confident and open to opportunities.

Samantha Mold, Psychology and Sociology majors with Criminology emphasis

Student Success Stories
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In fact, as his fear of approaching his professors decreased, his grades increased! If you want to present yourself to the world, you have to be open. You have to have confidence in yourself.

Her involvement with University Neighborhood Partners, a youth leadership program, demonstrates her commitment to helping others.

In high school, Husna experienced the benefits of this program and now serves as a mentor to current high school students. I was just clueless about how the university works, so I was very interested in what she had to offer. It was an extraordinary opportunity to gain first-hand experience of the legislative process. Working with Christine has helped me navigate the university and find the different resources the campus has to offer.

Husna is on schedule to graduate in May Her advice to other students? By Sydney Magana Summer Andrew Tsai is a non-traditional, transfer student pursuing a major in Computer Science. After learning what we do and signing up on a clipboard, he received a text from Student Success Advocate Tramaine Jones to set up their first meeting. According to Andrew, they now meet bi-weekly. During his first semester at the U, Andrew was worried about being admitted to the Computer Science major.

It was the GPA requirement that concerned him. Tramaine recommended the concept of studying for an hour and then taking a break rather than sitting and cramming. Inspired by his work with an SSA, he decided to apply to serve as a Student Success Outreach Ambassador and, happily, was chosen to be part of the team for the coming academic year!

As a transfer student, Andrew has learned that friends are really important and have played a key role in his success at the U:. I think coming from when I started freshman year in to now, the most important thing that I have learned is to find good friends to be successful with. You can push yourself a little bit if you have stuff to catch up on, but you definitely need sleep and want to get the full 8 to 9 hours a night.

By Sydney Magana Spring Sarah Dupaix is a non-traditional transfer student soon to graduate with an International Studies major and French minor. Last summer Sarah spent six weeks in France fulfilling the Study Abroad requirement for her major. It was also something that stressed her out. At our first meeting, I asked a million questions, and she provided answers or told me where to go for each. Stephanie helped Sarah work through her fear and anxiety about arranging a Study Abroad and supported her when she felt overwhelmed.

Last fall, for example, Sarah was running late for a final, stuck in a snowstorm. Sarah has accomplished a lot and is very happy to be finishing school. I was lucky that I let Stephanie talk to me because she ended up being that one person in my corner. The thing that has really allowed me to embrace not being a hermit was working with my SSA—I felt like I was part of something and doing something that connected me to college life.

Sarah encourages even independent students to make use of campus resources. He always knew that he wanted to pursue a science major and was intrigued by the issue of sustainability.

For example, Jon connected Kaden with the Office of Undergraduate Research and helped him to identify research opportunities on campus. Last summer Kaden was introduced to his first research experience during an internship in New Zealand. He now works with two professors studying how weather impacts the size and spread of a fire. This summer Kaden will present his research at a national conference, and it will be published in an academic journal.

He has learned that he is passionate about doing fire research and thankful for the opportunity. Kaden also worked with Jon on graduate school applications, including crafting personal statements, essays, and his research intent. Looking forward to graduating in May, he has applied to several graduate programs his first choice is the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and is applying for a Fulbright, as well.

Kaden offers this advice to students: He plans to begin classes in spring of and may try to transfer to the Ph. All good wishes, Kaden! YoungJae Shin is a sophomore completing prerequisites for the Bioengineering major and pursuing a minor in German. On graduating from high school in Provo, he returned to South Korea to fulfill his two-year military service duty. His interest in the German language and culture then led him on a six-month odyssey in Germany.

YoungJae initially planned a pre-med track when he arrived at the U. A friend recommended that YoungJae connect with Student Success Advocate Stephanie Santarosa and, since, they have worked together on time management and on prioritizing extracurriculars and course work.

Stephanie also directed him to Learning Abroad and the Hinckley Institute to explore his interest in returning to Germany to master the German language. YoungJae learned about the Office of Undergraduate Research from Stephanie, as well, and is now volunteering in a lab.

He plans to apply for a UROP assistantship at the end of the semester. YoungJae always considered himself an introvert. Since coming to the U, however, he has noticed that he is very busy and interactive. I realized that if I wanted to do something and become something, I have to interact with people and make myself vulnerable and be brave.

YoungJae shares the following advice: Always set goals first and then act. As you take initiative and begin to pursue your goals, it gets easier. Migrating to the U. Their understanding of the importance of higher education is what motivated her to take advantage of concurrent enrollment, which opened doors to her accelerated path. In their first meeting, she learned about his research and his experience navigating resources and spaces in higher education. Wazir introduced Elizabeth to the McNair Scholars program and, thanks to his support through the application process, she is happy to share that she is now a McNair scholar.

Being a McNair Scholar allows Elizabeth the opportunity to interact with other high-achieving students. By Dontrell Morrow Fall Courtney Zaffino is a first-generation student in her junior year studying Health Promotion and Education. Since meeting Steph, Courtney has become more involved with campus life.

She works on campus, has had a great experience as a UFit volunteer—which helped her discover her love for working with children with disabilities—and is involved with filming PAC 12 sporting events.

Steph also played a role in reassuring Courtney that it was okay to change her mind about her major. When Courtney entered the U, she planned a pre-med track. She thought this made sense given her interest in helping people. Soon, however, she began to see that it was not the best fit for her.

Steph helped Courtney choose a major which she loves and in which she has excelled. Some of your best decisions will be some of the most unexpected.

Keep all your options open, and never be close-minded during your years at the U. Ian Lehmann is a sophomore completing prerequisites in order to declare the Electrical Engineering major.

His goal is to work in the field of renewable energy, specifically by starting a renewable energy company. Wazir helped him draft emails concerning student government and offered both professional and personal advice, including counsel regarding his interest in research. Participating in research in the area of renewables is an important goal for him, and he is currently exploring research opportunities.

She is interested in studying population dynamics, especially within families. But she would text me and email information about events. She offered to help connect me with different people. She reveals the biggest accomplishment Nedra helped with: Jelani also confided in Nedra about her struggle as a student of color at the U. Nedra gave Jelani advice and introduced her to students who shared these feelings.

She helped me to be more confident and embrace the fact that I am African-American. Jelani admires the unique approach of SSEI. Even though she is not physically here with me, because of her, I feel more confident being here. After his first semester here, he realized that he did not want to be an engineer. Every night, after returning from practice or class, he would play his guitar.

Their earliest conversations were about adding a minor, as Haoran was deeply interested in developing his talent for drawing. Later conversations turned to the question of changing majors. After consulting his parents and more conversation with Christine, Haoran realized how much he enjoyed wedding and event planning.

He had experience with these in both China and Salt Lake City. When Christine suggested he look into the Communication major, it just made sense. As Haoran looks back on his experience at the U, his main accomplishment was discerning the goal that would guide him. The moment he chose his own path and did not follow what his parents or family wanted, Haoran learned to be himself. She is the one who has been on my side since day one, giving me the support to help me choose to follow what I wanted.

Haoran offers this advice: In most cultures, families try to make many decisions for you, but those decisions may not be the ones you would make for yourself. Never cover yourself up; if that is who you are, that is who you are! B y Sydney Magana Spring Yajaira Peralta is a sophomore with a passion for science. She is in the process of completing prerequisite courses in order to apply to the Medical Laboratory Science major and is currently on a pre-med track.

Before entering college, Yajaira studied French for seven years. She plans to declare the French minor. She remembers sitting outside when Jen walked up and introduced herself. At the time, Yajaira was frustrated about not knowing what major to declare.

Since meeting Jen, Yajaira joined and is now editor of a student-led social justice newspaper called Venceremos , and she has found many service activities through the Bennion Center, including her favorite, cleaning up Red Butte Gardens. Jen just made me feel welcomed. Time Management and balance is everything. Hillary Finch is a senior who will graduate this spring with a double major in International Studies Global Health emphasis and Health Promotion and Education Community Health emphasis.

Hillary has always been interested in health, initially majoring in Biology. During her sophomore year, Hillary participated in the Semester at Sea program, traveling to 14 different countries.

They made an immediate connection. Christine has supported Hillary with useful resources, advice, and in goal setting. Christine helped me find those strengths within me and use them to my advantage. Take every opportunity possible.

It is the energy that provides fuel for action. Motivation can be either. Extrinsic motivation relies on effective incentives and providing direction or structure for achievement. Motivation comes from an expected external reward for a desired action or behavior. Intrinsic motivation occurs when students generate the motivation from within, discovering the satisfaction of achievement and taking joy in doing something for the sake of doing it.

Intrinsic motivation is a natural outcome of students actively working on their personal growth and development. Personal growth and development requires students to become self-aware through self-reflection. Students learn the skills associated with personal growth and development in the context of learning subject matter, making the subject matter more interesting.

So they share with the realistic hero or the heroine in the story. Every learning opportunity will becomes as an opportunity for their personal growth. Personal development is the process of becoming who we aspire to be in our life. In the process of personal development, we learn the 1.

Aptitudes necessary to live a fulfilling, 4. Satisfying, and happy life. Focusing on personal development is a focus on student success. Schools are traditionally focusing on personal development only. Self-Awareness Personal growth and development requires students to become self-aware.

It is a critical dimension of self-regulation and the ability of students to relate to others Through self-awareness, students discover and appreciate their strengths and uniqueness. They learn what is important to them and what they value most. They identify their beliefs and how those beliefs help or hinder their personal growth and success. They become aware of the authentic self and learn to harness the power of the mind.

School students are fully aware of their differences. They mature at different rates both physically and intellectually with dramatic variations. This is the ideal age for students to begin to explore and appreciate how they think, feel, And act in a variety of situations. Self-Concept There is a direct tie to how students think, feel, and believe about themselves and motivation. Students self-evaluate and judge themselves, forming outcome expectancies of success or failure.

If the evaluation is positive, the learner is motivated, viewing the task as a challenge and persevering in the face of adversity. If the evaluation is negative, the student becomes anxious and tends to avoid the task. Students with lower levels of self-esteem, in an effort to protect themselves from failure, chose less effective help strategies. Through self-awareness students can identify their patterns of self-talk and change them to be more affirming.

Self-discipline refers to self-regulation; the ability of students to set goals, delay gratification to attain a long-term goal, and develop coping skills to overcome setbacks. Reeve Stark told that,.

In the process of personal development,. They also set personal goals I want to be compassionate and a good listener. Teachers who openly share areas of their personal growth and development convey the importance they place upon it.

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Student Success Essay Many research studies have shown that students’ college success is influenced heavily by the quality and quantity of their interaction with faculty members outside the classroom. More specifically.

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Student Success essays Student success is a controversial issue without any controversy. Not everyone realizes that every individual has different ideals for success. These ideals may not fit the paradigm of student success held by a school. Therefore, student success is a difficult subject to under.

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In the short essay "Measuring Success" by Renee Loth, talks about how we can obtain success and happiness by creating a grid system that measures equal amounts of work and life. This method is measured by the way you live your life by through motivation, the will to sacrifice, and most importantly, the road taken for your achievements. Student Success: Motivating School Students through Personal Development A very good morning, to everyone who are present here. I’m Kanishka.

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