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Pros and Cons of Gun Control

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❶If we go through the gun death statistics that are recorded in gun control articles, we can see that a large number of people are becoming victims of gun death. It is also observed that if law-abiding citizens have guns, they are better equipped to handle situations where they might find themselves face-to-face with criminals, thus bringing the crime rate down.

Gun death is a consequence of gun ownership and hence any attempt to arrest the former has to involve controlling the latter. Gun crime statistics have been repeatedly showing that unrestrained gun ownership invariably leads to an increase in gun crime. But in spite of heaps and heaps of evidence unearthed by gun death statistics, a solution to the problem of gun death still remains elusive.

Gun control facts show that gun ownership in the United States is disproportionately high. This can be seen from the fact that people living in the US possess about half of all the privately owned guns in the world. The abnormality of this can be understood if we consider that the US population is only 5 percent of the population of the world.

If 5 percent of the people in the world own 50 percent of the guns in the world, it is certainly a matter for concern. Another information brought out by gun control articles is that every year, more than 30, people in America are killed by guns. With so many guns in our country, we cannot expect something better! Various statistics have confirmed the correlation between high gun ownership and a high gun death rate.

The finding that suicide rate is also high in areas with high gun ownership confirms this. It appears that gun death is a price we have to pay for allowing people to own guns without exercising any control on the use of guns. People who are opposed to gun control just ignore gun death as a problem. For them, owning guns is a right conferred on them by the 2nd amendment. The fact that about 99 percent of the 2nd amendment resulted from the inputs given by people with no legal background is of no concern to these people.

These people also use the concept of democracy to oppose any kind of control. They need to understand that democracy can be preserved only by preventing tyranny and that the tyranny of gun death can pose a severe threat to democracy. Welcome to our Blog! Gun Control is a hot issue on both sides of the table. Get the latest essays, news and updates on all of the current gun control issues. The Latest News Error message: How to Prevent the Next Gun Tragedy: The answer is an emphatic no.

Criminals will find ways to obtain illegal firearms, like they do in every country. Regulating guns will at least prevent their access from homes and businesses. In fact, if both parties have guns, it will most definitely result in a firefight and unnecessary bloodshed. However, the problem may be the guns themselves and their proliferation in the American way of life.

Gun lobbyists hide behind the 'Second Amendment' saying that it gives them a constitutional right to own and bear arms, however, if we take a closer look at the Second Amendment itself, it talks about 'militia', an army or a fighting force that will protect the 'state' and has rights to bear arms for this specific purpose, not individuals claiming their own defense from imagined enemies.

The text reads - 'A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed'. However, having gun control laws is intended to restrict the number of guns floating around in the system, ready to be used on innocents. Using guns for recreation has become a popular sport in the US over the years. A gun-ban or stricter laws on sale and ownership will make sure this 'harmless' activity remains so.

To take the point further, why does recreation require the use of high-caliber hollow point bullets that mushroom after striking flesh, creating horrible wounds? Or a machine gun that can fire hundreds of rounds per minute? Target-shooting is an Olympic sport, but we don't see the sportsmen armed with Kalashnikovs or M4 carbines. Bolt-action hunting rifles are made for a specific purpose, to hunt, they do not have high-capacity magazines or an round-per-minute rate of fire.

Legal Possession and Why it's Not Working. The Columbine killers obtained their weapons from a friend who purchased them at a gun fair. The mentally ill perpetrator in the Virginia Tech massacre exploited a loophole in the documentation requirements for purchasing guns, which enabled him to avoid the National Instant Criminal Background Check System NICS.

The laws were changed after he had murdered 32 people. After the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, where an armed man shot 27 people to death, 20 of them first-graders at the Sandy Hook Elementary school, the subject of gun control was once more thrown into the national spotlight.

The year old was a shy lonely individual, without a history of violence but possible behavioral issues. He lived with his mother in a decent neighborhood in Newtown and used her arsenal of guns to go on a bloody rampage. The investigation into this tragedy raised several questions, there was widespread public opinion that the murderer couldn't have been so destructive if he lacked access to guns.

The point many gun control activists make is that each one of those weapons was a legally owned firearm, under the supervision of a rational independent human being, yet, the murders could not be prevented. Pro-gun lobbyists blame the tragedy on the mental condition of the young man and not the fact that he had a deadly weapon such as the Bushmaster XM15 assault rifle within arm's reach.

The bottom line is that a gun is a lethal weapon and its only function is to kill; the fewer people have it, the better it is. If firearms were less prevalent in society, criminals would have greater difficulty laying hands on them. There would thus be a lower possibility of firearms falling in the hands of teenagers or children, preventing a tragedy like the Columbine High School massacre.

Sport shooting, or hunting, or a gun culture that glamorizes and legitimizes unnecessary gun ownership can desensitize ordinary people to the fatal effects of guns and firearms in general. Retail firearms traders or individual gun owners can be given compensation if a ban is implemented.

Gun control will ensure that there will be a stringent check on the ownership of all firearms and the number of manufactured firearms. The immediate result would be a reduction in violent crime. There will indeed be incidences of shoplifting or house theft, but the involvement of guns would be minimal, resulting in less human suffering. Is the argument that a tyrannical government needs to be fought with guns, even valid in the 21st century? Do people need to arm themselves to the teeth and hope to make last stands fighting against Big Brother?

Cons of Gun Control. Banning guns or prohibition will not make them disappear, or make them any less dangerous. In order to protect themselves, their family, and their property, it is a legitimate right of citizens to own weapons. Society will not become safer by restricting gun ownership as guns don't kill people, people kill people. Also, in the majority of cases involving guns or firearms, the weapon used is not legally bought or registered; it is either smuggled or stolen from registered owners.

While a segment of the law guarantees individuals the right to own guns, another amendment makes owning a handgun difficult, and many people feel that their constitutional rights are being denied. It is also observed that if law-abiding citizens have guns, they are better equipped to handle situations where they might find themselves face-to-face with criminals, thus bringing the crime rate down.

The Role of Law Enforcers. The federal law establishes strict registration requirements for procuring a gun, in addition to a transfer tax on machine guns and short-barreled long guns. The mail-order sales and the interstate sales of firearms have also been addressed and prohibited. The government has banned the transfer of arms to minors and thus, limited access to assault weapons. There are penalties in place and stringent licensing requirements for manufacturers and dealers that are maintained to check on illegal transfers.

Effective gun control measures are a boon to law-abiding citizens and reinforce the constitutional rights. Even though there are many advocates of the thought that widespread gun ownership is the way to keep crime at bay, it is essential to understand that it is not the gun that is being questioned, it is the hand that pulls the trigger. The debate of gun control has made no headway at the Federal level despite nation-wide attention and coverage of recent incidences of mass killings like those at Tucson, Virginia Tech, and Columbine.

President Obama too has carefully avoided the topic and has even signed two laws that included provisions expanding gun access. The harsh reality is that it's not a rosy pretty world out there and being utterly defenseless in a criminal situation is never a good idea. Criminals will still find a way to gain illegal possession of guns or firearms as they do not respect the law.

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Gun control pros and cons have been discussed innumerable times. They have been thoroughly analyzed in gun control debates. But since both the advocates and opponents of gun control stick to their positions, the issue remains unresolved.

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Free Essay: This essay will discuss the pros and cons of gun control. Some U.S. States have already adopted some of these gun control laws. I will be talking.

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This essay will discuss the pros and cons of gun control. Some U.S. States have already adopted some of these gun control laws. I will be talking about the 2nd amendment, public safety, home safety, and do gun control laws really control guns. I hope after you have read this you will be more. In this essay I will discuss the regulations that President Obama wants put into place for gun control, the opposing views from the state and local levels, also the pros and cons that I can see about the gun control policy. First, I .

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