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Very confused with physics homework! (Egg drop/Newton's Laws)?

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❶This assumes it started from rest and traveled with constant acceleration.

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Construct your container with pieces of paper 9 x 11 , by rolling the paper into "straw-like" lengths. Then, either glue or staple enough of the lengths of paper to make a frame surrounding the egg, leaving enough room to stuff "balled up" tissue paper between the paper straws and the egg. Cotton balls can also be used to absorb energy, if you can buy enough of them to stuff between the rolled up paper frame. Neither the tissue paper nor the paper frame will weigh very much, so it will not pick up much energy in a big fall, or drop.

Most of the energy will be in the egg. When this contraption hits the ground, the energy in the egg will hit soft tissue paper, and the round paper straws. The air inside the paper frame-straws will help cushion the egg, and absorb energy. The egg will not break or crack. Physics Egg Drop Project. I would use plastic straws and duct tape.

You make a cage out of the straws, stick the egg in the middle, and duct tape it in place. When making the cage, I suggest making a series of hexagons; it's the most sturdy structure, plus it has a flat edge on top for you to rest the egg.

Then, do the same thing three more times. Next, connect one side from each hexagon to each other hexagon at right angles and make a big X. Finally, take two more straws and connect them from your middle to the outside with tape. Take more duct tape, make a few double-sided loops, and put them on these two struts and the middle.

Stick the egg onto this tape. It should connect with all three parts - the middle and the two struts. When it gets dropped, the plastic straws will bend with the impact, absorbing the shock. I remember doing this!! I put my egg between two big sponges Carve out small pockets in the middle to help hold the egg in place so it wont slid out the side and held the sponges apart with toothpicks.

Related Questions Physics project egg drop? Egg Drop Project, Physics? Physics egg drop project help? Egg Drop Physics Project? Here is how to touch on the others: This one doesn't apply, since never is there zero net force on the container except at an instantaneous point in time of impact, and before you let it fall Law 3: As the Earth attracts the container using gravity, your container attracts the Earth using gravity.

The Earth doesn't seem to move because it is extremely massive. As air drag slows down the container, the container pushes on the air, to make a downward air current. When the container is halted at impact with the blacktop, the blacktop is pushed downward as well. We don't notice this because the blacktop is very rigid and has the Earth to constrain it. If you drop a bowling ball and it bounces off a nice wooden floor, you definitely notice the equal and opposite forces because it dents the floor.

Just got done with a test Have you ever discovered the conduct of espresso in a espresso cup crammed to the rim even as opening a automobile from leisure or even as bringing a automobile to leisure from a state of movement?

Coffee has a tendency to "maintain on doing what it's doing. While the automobile hurries up ahead, the espresso stays within the identical function; sooner or later, the automobile hurries up out from underneath the espresso and the espresso spills for your lap.

On the opposite hand, whilst braking from a state of movement the espresso maintains ahead with the identical pace and within the identical path, eventually hitting the windshield or the sprint. Coffee in movement has a tendency to stick in movement.

Have you ever skilled inertia resisting alterations for your state of movement in an auto even as it's braking to a give up? The drive of the avenue at the locked wheels presents the unbalanced drive to difference the automobile's state of movement, but there's no unbalanced drive to difference your possess state of movement.

Thus, you preserve in movement, sliding alongside the seat in ahead movement. A individual in movement has a tendency to stick in movement with the identical pace and within the identical path Seat belts are used to furnish safeguard for passengers whose movement is ruled by means of Newton's legislation. The seat belt presents the unbalanced drive which brings you from a state of movement to a state of leisure.

Perhaps you might speculate what might arise whilst no seat belt is used. If God created the universe and all its laws, do I even have to do my physics homework? My physics homework says an object weighs 12 N?

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Feb 08,  · So I will be doing the classic egg drop competition at school and was wondering if I could get some help. The materials I have is: 3 Thread by: Johnson Smith, Feb 8, , 2 replies, in forum: Introductory Physics Homework.

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For my AP Physics class, we were assigned an egg drop. We'll stand on top of our bleachers, and drop them to the floor (about the height of a 2.

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Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over years old. Oct 08,  · I have been brainstorming ideas for a design of an "egg catcher". This is not the traditional "egg dropper" but instead, i need to build a device that will.

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Get an answer for 'How is impulse and momentum applied in an egg drop challenge?The challenge was to construct something protective out of 3 sheets of newspaper, tape, and 4 straws so the egg. Jan 18,  · Education & Reference Homework Help. Next. Egg Drop Impact Equations - Physics? In my Physics class, we are doing a project as a semester test. Egg drop project help for physics? Physics egg drop project? Easy questions? Answer Questions. Can you show me an example of a good character reference letter,Please?Status: Resolved.