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Papyrophobia – Fear of Paper

❶Sweating Fast heart beat Quick breathing Panic attack Weeping or crying Urge to flee Those with severe papyrophobia symptoms may become increasingly panicky as they believe that in vicinity of paper, they may somehow fall victim to an impending disaster. Never ate those dot candy things on the strips of paper, either.

Phobia Of Paper? It’s Over.

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Papyrophobia is defined as a pathological, irrational fear of paper

I have the same problem. I hate touching paper, cardboard and the smell , popsickle sticks, wooden spoons, and i cannot CANNOT stand the sound of folding paper. I can't do it myself and when other people do it, it feels like my skin is going to rip off f from the chills i get.

Like drying my hands with a paper towel makes my lips pucker with discomfort. Its called Sensory Integrational SI. I went to occupational therapy for it for 2 years because when i was in school i would have to wear rubber gloves to do my work because i couldn't even concentrate with the paper being all around me. To this day nobody understands the awful feeling i get when i am around it and peopledo not take me seriously.

The best way i cand escribe the feeling is like when someone scrapes on a chalkboard, those chills you get, but 20 times worse. Moi aussi je naime pas le papier je suis un jeune homme de 13ans et ses tres defficile pour moi de vivre parce que a chaque fois que je rentre Dans un tram bus metro je doi avoir un casque pour ecouter de la musique A l ecole a chaque fois jai des movese note parce que je necoute pas a cose du brut du papier et je doi mettre des gants pour le toucher Not everyone feels like you but a lot of people do, I personally hate cotten wool, the feel of it makes me shiver.

I have the exact same problem. I am a freshman in high school so I am just starting my journey through hell. It makes my life 10x harder. I have had this since about fourth grade but my parents never believed me until last year in 8th grade. I went through an OT program and the brushing protocol. For an entire year, every two hours I had to go be brushed in the nurses office and it was awful. Now in high school we mainly use iPads however there is some paper still involved like in math and literature.

I am continuously having to ask for special treatment for my problem and it takes the teachers by surprise and no one believes me and they always ask me for a doctors note or a diagnosis and i never have one.

I wish I knew what this was called and I wish people understood. I wish my doctor could diagnose me so people believed me. People look at me like im a freak. Does anyone know what this is called or where I can get diagnosed?

My senses are to developed to fix it. I absolutely hate having to peel off the paper from a straw at a restaurant. Especially if it's wet. Persons that find themselves at greatest risk:. Do any of these describe you? You can see testimonials from individuals who know our our capability to make a difference. Or, if you prefer, read about us in the media. The time to act is now, if this phobia is causing negativity in your life. These are just a few of the most common things people experience.

Read more on the symptoms of phobia of paper. We address the symptoms, but we uncover the source, to eliminate them both. Our goal is to have you get rid of the root cause of the fear. Meds may seem to help in the short-term by temporarily improving your symptoms, but the problem is that they can never cure the core issue of the fearful patterns of thinking that are the automatic reaction to paper and which trigger the intense feelings of fear. No drug has ever been developed specifically for Phobia Of Paper, by the way — and with so many potential side effects, who wants to risk taking medication as a solution?

The good news is with our help, you will conquer your Phobia Of Paper, without drugs. Actually, the phobia name for Phobia of Paper is called papyrophobia.

Different people call it by different names of course:

Phobia of Paper

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Treating the phobia of paper. Like other phobias, the best bet to treat Papyrophobia is to first confront the fear. One must also talk about it with loved ones and get them to understand what they feel. If this is not enough, one must go in for psychiatric counseling. Talk therapy through group counseling sessions can also help.

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Papyrophobia – Fear of Paper. When a person has an abnormal and persistent fear for paper he or she is said to suffer from papyrophobia. Even though an individual with this phobia realizes that his or her fear is unreasonable, in some, just glancing at the object of fear is enough to provoke a reaction.

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Papyrophobia is an abnormal or persistent fear of papers. Papyrophobes can have fear of: plain sheet of paper, crumpled ball of paper (which symbolizes injury, damage or death), paper tear, or paper cut. Still others who are suffering with Papyrophobia fear the ripping of paper and even wet paper. Papyrophobia is derived from the phrase “papyro”, meaning papyrus. Papyrus is a water reed that was used originally in Egypt to make paper. The word “papyro” is then mixed with the Greek word “phobos”, which means fear.

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A phobia is a strong, persistent fear of situations, objects, activities, or persons. The main symptom of this disorder is the excessive, unreasonable desire to avoid the feared subject. Phobias are believed to be developed by heredity, genetics and brain-chemistry combine with life-experiences. PHOBIA OF PAPER: (papyrophobia and fear of paper) 1: phobia of paper: a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of paper, despite conscious understanding by the phobic individual and reassurance by others that there is no danger. 2: phobia of paper: an extreme unwarranted fear and/or physical aversion to paper.