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Jaggers, probably one of the most intelligent men throughout the book, is hired by Magwich to hand out money and relay information to Pip.

Jaggers is a clever, arrogant and careful Lawyer. He never commits himself to anything and is portrayed throughout the book as a person interested only in things that will make money for him. Estella Havisham becomes a girl with a heart of ice exactly what Miss Havisham created her to be. When she gets older she also develops a basic honesty, this is seen when she tries to warn Pip and Miss Havisham that she is incapable of feeling emotion.

Estella is intelligent and beautiful and Pip cannot stop loving her. His heart is broken when she marries Drummle, a vulgar person. Estella tells Pip in chapter 44 "Should I fling myself away on a.

Miss Havisham, daughter of a wealthy brewer, remains a scrawny white haired woman in seclusion throughout the book. Pip meets her as part of the plan to teach Estella her lessons against the male sex. Herbert Pocket, the "Pale young gentleman" which Pip dislikes at first, soon becomes his close friend. He is pleasant, a hard worker, and easy to get along with. Pip learns from his experiences and he changes as he matures.

The following will discuss two of his unfavorable actions and two favorable actions during his maturing process. One of Pip's unfavorable actions is the unconditional love he gave to Estella.

The problem with this is he is setting himself up for a disappointment. Estella has been brought up by Miss Havisham to have a heart of ice. The result is that she can not love anyone, not Pip or Miss Havisham. Estella even tells Pip this but because his love is so great he does not take it seriously and eventually his heart is broken when she marries Drummle, who is a complete loser in Pip's eyes.

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Great Expectations Course Work: Introduction: We are studying the novel Great Expectations which was written by Charles Dickens. In this novel Dickens shows his concerns about injustices within the society that he lives in and he intends to describe to us what his childhood and past life may have.

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Please help resume help georgetown ontario improve this article by adding write the essay for me citations to reliable edupdf.gaced material help on great expectations coursework may be challenged and removed Research & writing for assignments. Great Expectations Coursework Dickens creates a powerful atmosphere in the first chapter of his famous novel-'Great Expectations' in a variety of ways. but before I begin to analyse Dickens' techniques let me first define what I believe atmosphere to be.

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Great Expectations is a novel by Charles Dickens. When writing your Great Expectations coursework, you should take into consideration the fact that this story is autobiographical. In this novel Dickens expresses his own expectations from the life through the description of the main character. So, your great expectations coursework can be your forecast of our future: whether there will be life on the Earth, whether evil will win in the battle against good. Actually, there is a huge number of issues that may be good meat for discussion and to write about in your great expectations coursework.