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❶He put the interview skills he learned through his experience to use when he applied for an internship at AIG, which has turned into a full-time job. Mock interviews may be videotaped.


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Employers feel that you have had plenty of time to work on your resume and, as a result, it should be absolutely perfect. They also see your resume as a "sample" of your work and a resume submitted with errors sends them a red flag about hiring you. There should be no personal pronouns in a professionally prepared resume.

If you do not include either GPA, you should definitely be prepared to address questions about your academic performance. Yes , You may use your major GPA however you need to label it accordingly. NO, Use only white, off-white, or egg-shell colors when preparing your resume. Yes , you can use the Career Center's printers to print out your resume. However, you must bring your own resume paper.

A resume is "the" document used by the majority of employers to screen candidates for interviewing. A significant number of employers have expressed to the Career Center that they expect to see an OBJECTIVE so that they have an idea of what that candidate sees as his or her first or next employment goal.

While some employers do not require the "References Available Upon Request" line at the end of the resume, the consensus is that it is best to include it for those employers who expect to see it. Earned degrees, teaching and research experience, publications, presentations, and related activities are regularly featured in a CV. The CV writer should aim to design their CV to comprehensively emphasize their strengths and achievements.

Remember that the relevance of the information presented in a CV is more significant than the total number of pages filled. Similar to an effective Resume, "content" is absolutely crucial.

When developing your CV content, consider the following essential elements of an effective Vitae …. The templates below are meant to be example upon which you can create your own personalized document.

The Career Development Center encourages you to put together your CV in a draft format and then request an appointment through your RaiderNet account for a review of the document and its content. For internships or entry-level positions your resume should fit on a single page.

This resume should be a summary of your experience, qualifications and skills. Avoid using tables to create your resume Margins should be between. Resumes should be printed out individually and not photocopied from an original to ensure quality and legibility Proofreading: Grammatical or spelling mistakes on resumes can be embarrassing and cost you interviews, particularly if the item misspelled is something critical so proofread your resume carefully. Individuals often spend a considerable amount of time focusing on what needs to be in the resume rather than how it is written.

Both are equally important. The writing in your resume should be concise, succinct, and to the point. Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your writing.

You resume needs to be factually accurate, including dates of employment, education completed, job titles, and skills possessed. Your resume should be visually appealing to the eye. Make sure it is neat, organized, and consistent. A resume should reflect who you are and your professional experiences.

This does not mean it should be laden with unnecessary graphics or inappropriate personal information; it means you should feel comfortable using it to represent yourself as a candidate.

Your resume and the way it is organized should be relevant to the position. For example, you may need to make adjustments to your resume when applying for a position as an accountant versus a position as a project manager.

In preparing your resume, include the components listed below. If you need help in developing your resume, you can contact a member of the UHR Employment staff at Preparing Electronic Versions of Your Resume. More and more employers are using online applications and tracking systems for employment.

You need to make sure it is easy to upload onto a web-based system and easy to download for the employer. She just celebrated three months on the job, working full time while finishing her undergraduate degree. Lima is one of thousands of students across Rutgers to get help identifying their career paths and applying for jobs.

Each Rutgers location has programs tailored for their students. The Career Development Center at Rutgers-Newark works with students to prepare for every step of their job search down to finding the appropriate attire. The center teamed up with JCPenney in the Newport Centre Mall to offer a Suit-Up Event, an after-hours service once a semester that includes a 40 percent discount off business attire for interviews.

The center reaches out to students as soon as they arrive on campus as part of Student Orientation, Advisement, and Registration day to let them know about the full range of services offered and begin providing career guidance. Students sign up to be part of one of seven clusters, which have a focus ranging from arts, communication and entertainment to science, technology, engineering and math.

He said the office, which reaches more than half of the 49, students in New Brunswick annually, has seen a 25 percent increase in students seeking out services since switching to this model. Career services at all Rutgers locations try to connect with students during their first year on campus to set them on the path to finding their ideal job.

Hallman, assistant dean and director of the Rutgers-Camden Career Center. So it is vital that students connect with us not only to find internships and jobs but also for help identifying a career that is going to be a good fit for them as well. Deepesh Desai , a senior finance major, visited the Career Development Center at Rutgers-Newark almost as soon as he started classes. Courtesty of Deepesh Desai That is advice Deepesh Desai took to heart when he heard the suggestion during his first-year orientation at Rutgers-Newark.

The senior finance major visited the career development center almost as soon as he started classes.

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When applying to this position, I consulted one of the University Career Services staff members concerning interviewing and the world-of-work.

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Rutgers Newark Career Development Center providing Rutgers Newark students and alumni with resources and services to assist in the search and acquisition of Full-time Part-time and Internship opportunities. The Rutgers-Newark Career Development Center Home Page. Students. available to all registered users to help in the creation of resumes. The Career Center serves undergraduate students, graduate students and alumni from the College of Arts & Sciences, The Graduate School, School of Business and School of Nursing. Our office offers a wide range of services from choosing a major or career to writing a resume and finding the perfect internship or job.

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Rutgers Newark Career Development Center providing Rutgers Newark students and alumni with resources and services to assist in the search and acquisition of Full-time Part-time and Internship opportunities. The Rutgers-Newark Career Development Center Home Page. Students. Center in Hill Hall for career advisement assistance, resume. resume critiques It is highly recommended that you have your resume and cover letters critiqued by the Career Center Staff. To do so, email the document(s) to: [email protected] (Word Document, not PDF) or drop it off at the Career Center, lower level of the Campus Center.