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International Relations Essays (Examples)

Interesting Topics for British International Relations Essays

❶Do you think that the actions of the US are always legitimate when dealing with other countries?

A List of US International Relations Essay Topics

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Morrow is…… [Read More]. International Relations International Law Falk. He feels that he last perspective explicitly adopts values that focus on justice and human dignity and strives to shape an emerging order of non-territorial central guidance to serve values associated with humanity as a whole, rather than promote the particular interests of favored religious, ethnic or geographic segments.

Faulk's views of these perspectives are very straightforward and to the point. I think that the last perspective of a global populism based on human solidarity is the best of the four. It is the one that takes into account the fact that the world is becoming more and more global everyday. There is no denying that the world is becoming a smaller place all the time as more companies expand into the global marketplace.

Because of this fact there is no longer any room for particular interests based on religion, ethnicity or geography. In order to be successful in the…… [Read More].

Answers to Questions There are two types of actors in international relations -- state and non-state actors. States are the more important actors of the two; however, their activities are influenced to a significant extent by non-state actors. The term 'non-state actors' collectively refers to those individuals, organizations, groups or movements that have substantial influence over a country's international activities although they are not regarded as state institutions[footnoteRef: They include sub-state actors, intergovernmental organizations IGOs , multinational corporations MNCs , non-governmental organizations NGOs , political groups that advocate violence terrorists , and international criminal groups[footnoteRef: These actors serve a number of crucial roles in IR.

One of their key goals is to aid a country in opinion-building. The United Nations Human Rights Council UNHRC , for instance, gives advice to member states on how proposed international activities are likely to affect other countries' abilities to enjoy their human rights.

On a different note,…… [Read More]. International Relations - Security International. Finally, Paris introduces the concept of a matrix-based approach designed to include both military and non-military threats to nation states to address the traditional focus of security threats to the entire spectrum of potential threats to nations from external origin, internal conflict, as well as from nonviolent threats of a more chronic nature that affect individuals rather than whole societies.

Paris is correct in his observation that the concept of human security is an extremely broad notion that comprises individual components of widely varied significance. Likewise, it is true that different approaches to the issue and the definitions offered by various theorists are mutually contradictory and that even within any single framework, subjective application and arbitrary distinctions render any conclusions susceptible to corruption and diversion for the purposes of justifying internal policies and expenditures of public resources as well as…… [Read More].

International Relations I Believe That. It has had the most success in stabilizing regions and winning concessions through idealistic policies. The reason for this is simple: Diplomacy may not always deliver the immediate results that the use of force and intimidation may have, but information, ideas and money have much stronger, lasting results.

The Cold ar ended and Eastern Europe was pacified not because Reagan built more bombs he didn't , but because Eastern Europeans longed for the freedoms and wealth enjoyed by their counterparts in the west. Few nations are truly isolationist. The nature of global trade and travel has allowed for economic and ideological spread to penetrate the borders of all but the most determined nations.

A United States filled with new immigrants and trading with the world cannot…… [Read More]. International Relations Globalization Has Become. The framework for globalization is set by the stronger nations and their corporations. Even when weaker nations benefit from globalization, they may not be seeing as much benefit as they would have had they had equal bargaining power. It has also been argued that while it is nation-states that implement globalization, they merely do so at the behest of their corporations.

It is the corporations, then, that truly drive the globalization agenda. This occurs to the point where, ultimately, a truly globalized world will be one market, with the relevance of the nation-state greatly reduced Baker, They trade the goods, move the money and hire the people. Ultimately, it is corporate interests that reap the benefits of globalization first. From there, the wealth needs to trickle down through the economy, in the form of wages,…… [Read More].

International Relations Kenneth Walsh States. To Walsh, the need for international politics remains. Interdependence, he argues, will never be complete. States desire to retain control over key resources that could be denied them in times of war or crisis. There is a certain level of mistrust between states, and that fuels the need for international politics despite increasing interdependence.

Moreover, interdependence also fuels more opportunities before war, because it creates more situations for offense or resentment, especially given that interdependence does not imply an even dependence between nations. That the relationships are often uneven specifically creates the conditions for international politics. Walsh's point is that even an institution such as NATO is beholden to states.

International Relations the Book The. As stated clearly in the book, ut in today's world, a nation's form of government, not its 'civilization' or its geographic location, maybe the best predictor of its geopolitical alignment.

Thus, Japan will have more in general with another democracy, even though it is not racially same, that it will with China. He further discussed that the dictatorship are unsafe, not only because they have unfair internal policies, in fact they normally experiencing fast economic growth Dejevsky, This permit them to support a more authoritative and threatening military with which to pressurize democracies: Nationalism Author Umut Ozkirimli makes an important point at the outset of his book: Why this is a fact is up for discussion, but perhaps, a naive reader might surmise, it could be that the fanatical nationalism put into play by Hitler - to brow-beat his nation into believing Aryan "master race" lies and that the mass slaughter of Jews was justified - stimulated a wealth of academic analysis into the field of nationalism.

But a quick glance at the book's Index reveals that the name of "Hitler" does not appear in this book, and "Nazism" appears twice. And thus, one's narrow preconceptions of "nationalism" are severely amended through…… [Read More]. International Relations the Yugoslavian Civil. Because of the army's status as Serbs, however, it aided only the rebels, leaving the Croats to fend for themselves. But the conflict did not stay within the boarders of Croatia.

Instead, it pushed past the boundaries of Bosnia Herzegovina and led to one of the most bitter and bloodiest battles of the war, which included the Serbs and Yugoslavian People's Army fighting against the Croats and Muslims of Bosnia. The violence of the conflict would allow Bosnia to take focus as one of the most disastrous sites of the war.

The conflict not only caused massive amounts of bloodshed, but also fear that created an international attempt to aid victims and would-be victims on both sides "Along Ethnic Fault Lines". The extent of the ethnic conflicts, and the degree to which the violence flourished because of them, has been proved, primarily through the Serbian-Croatian conflict, the preferences of the…… [Read More].

International Relations Conflict Resolution and. For a brief time after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States again stood unchallenged.

However, in a clear demonstration of the consequences of a failure to use all elements of the reconstructive philosophy - political, economic, and military - the United States interfered economically in the former Soviet union while neglecting other aspects of Russian development.

The result was the growth of Russian antagonism as Russia degenerated into a political free for all and large parts of its military apparatus were sold off to dangerous rogue entities.

The result was the empowerment of hostile forces throughout the Muslim world and the eventual re-emergence of Russia as sometime champion of these anti-American elements. At the very least, Russia offers an alternative to America - a fact that is dangerous for American ambitions. Today's disputes can now be solved only through multilateral agreements, or rather, through the application of…… [Read More].

International elations Theory and United Nations Peace: International elations I field normally focuses on the study of how various state systems can be made to work more efficiently to improve the power of law, maintain order, manage interstate affairs peacefully, and lessen prospects of war. The word relation in this field is used to denote the inclusion of more than political affairs to aspects like conflict and peace.

International relations field is closely linked administratively to political science departments O'Connor, Actually, the field of international relations traces its origin from various subfields including international law, diplomatic history, and international economics. While it's still early to consider international relations as a sovereign field of study, it has broken from the analytical procedures of economics and law as well as the ongoing process of breaking from political science.

Consequently, this field has become an important facet because of the conceptualizations of…… [Read More]. International Relations Challenges in Approaching.

Conciliation seems to be more to the purpose, if opposing bodies are expected to work together to govern a country. Humphrey said in his study on From Victim to Victimhood, "By contrast, trials have played a much smaller role during political transition and thus have addressed far fewer victims.

They have, however, been very important in re-establishing the authority of law and the state" hat division of labor among states, international institutions and non-governmental organizations is likely to prove most effective in meeting the challenges of the post-Cold ar era in the future? Bush, President of the United States of America, appears to believe that the United States must police the world, leading other nations into controlling what he considers dangerous policies in other countries, while taking preemptive action against them on his own.

International Relations the Greatest Threat. With their growing industry-based economy, the Chinese are becoming more prosperous, but they are also becoming the most polluting nation on earth. Another writer notes, "The situation continues to deteriorate because even when Beijing sets ambitious targets to protect the environment, local officials generally ignore them, preferring to concentrate on further advancing economic growth" Economy, Global warming threatens the entire planet, and with more pollution entering the environment from China, through both industry and automobiles, the global environment is severely threatened.

This is a threat that will face many generations to come, and could change the face of the entire planet, and because of this, China is the nation's and world's biggest threat. The great leap backward? The rise of China and the future of the West: Can the liberal system…… [Read More]. International Relations - Cold War. The same access to formerly secret information from the Cold War era also revealed the extent to which Soviet infiltration of the highest level of American military projects had served to further exhaust the American economy by necessitating continual development of strategic and tactical weapon systems to counter escalating technological improvements in Soviet military systems.

The first successful test of a Soviet nuclear weapon in was directly attributable to Soviet infiltration of the top secret Manhattan Project; American pilots flew combat missions against Soviet Mig fighters developed with information stolen from American weapon designs through espionage; and that dynamic persisted virtually throughout the Cold War Langewiesche The financial strain of continuous nuclear deterrence and the perpetual modernization and updating of sophisticated strategic weapon systems was among the principle causes of the eventual collapse of the former Soviet Union.

By , the protracted war in Afghanistan had all but…… [Read More]. International Relations Idealism vs Realism the Theories. The beginning of the 20th century was a period of deep consideration for international politics, given the First World War and its aftermath. The idealistic approach on international politics tried to explain the behavior states had after the end of the war and also define the period between the two conflagrations.

The realist theory on the other hand appeared as a result of the Second World War and its aftermath and, although it took into account similar elements, the points made in reference to these elements were somewhat in contrast. There are several key issues that…… [Read More]. The overall topic of this author's research is ambitious. It will be to fuse the elements of all of…… [Read More]. International Relations Study The Field. From this I would take advice from the history of the Swiss -- I would require all children were taught the use of weapons in adolescence, and that upper classes in school coincided with military training.

After graduation, every citizen would be required to keep a weapon in the home, and asked to serve in their community guard, which would train a couple times a year. Defense plans would be built on a street-to-street basis, and every large metropolis would also have more advanced weaponry available to civil servants and block commanders in case of invasion. This training would both protect the future democracy of the country, and assure that any nation wishing to invade would face a true quagmire of house-to-house fighting in every city.

I would then focus on making the nation an economic asset to the larger world. I would first work to assure that the country…… [Read More].

Politics International Trade-Offs In international policy, as in the course of daily human life, self-interested actors must carefully weigh competing and often equally valid choices, and make for themselves some compromise between opposed values. It seems that as often as one is able to solve a problem, one notices that the very solution causes problems of its own. An unmitigated good is difficult to find even in one person's individual life, and it is even harder if not impossible to discover a national plan of action which will prove beneficial for every citizen and for the world at large.

It seems inevitable that any policy which creates significant benefits somewhere along the line must at another spot be creating significant detriments for at least some subsection of the community. This is even true with crime control, which benefits most citizens and penalizes those whose selves or families depend on illegal…… [Read More]. International Relations Political Science.

The accommodation of morality within political decision-making is the essence of the central argument presented by Immanuel Kant in his work, "Perpetual Peace. The paper ends by discussing the compatibility of Kant's ideas with classical realism.

This is due to the visible tension that is a product of interaction between the major world powers along with their national interests and the lesser world powers. This tension stems primarily from the desire to maintain power and protect one's own national interests at the expense of others.

Several philosophers have suggested…… [Read More]. International Relations at This Point. Despite the success with a new Iraqi government, elections, a new Constitution etc. The country is still highly unstable and fighting and terrorist attacks occur on a regular basis. Despite continuous fighting and combat, pacification seems to be a long way off at this point and it doesn't seem as if things are likely to improve soon.

Another disadvantage is related to the forces needed for such an action. According to estimates, a force of around , to , is needed for a potential success of a pacification action through force. And the coalition forces have less than , people in the field and the pressure is already extremely high to reduce those numbers rather than further increase them. The political and public opinion pressure in the U.

It just…… [Read More]. International relations studies is the specialization that focuses on the study of foreign affairs and the global events significantly influence the trend of the states that are within the international system. These systems are categorized as governments, countries, organizations and even people who are the main agents of relations and interchange between people within varying geographical locations WITS University, There are pertinent issues that are involved in the study of international relations such as war, disease, democracy, poverty, diplomacy, globalization, economics and trade.

The significance of continued study of international relations are numerous and important to any organization and governments. From the study of international reactions between two entities in the past, it is possible to predict the future and the significance and possible repercussions of some international decisions that a government or a president or even the organizations may take.

International studies a reason geared towards having a…… [Read More]. What Is Realism in International Relations. International Relations Realism in International Relations In the study of politics, the subject of international relations inevitably surfaces, mainly because politics do not only deal with national or domestic affairs, but also international concerns and issues.

In the field of international relations, there are two prevailing paradigms: Although the focus of this discussion would be on realism, it can be best understood by also identifying and distinguishing it from liberalism.

Liberalism as a political paradigm in international relations posits that conflicts between and among states can be resolved through the help of international institutions like the United Nations and World Trade Organization. As a political ideology, liberalism is idealistic in the sense that its proponents believe that conflicts and even wars can be resolved diplomatically, and effectively through an efficient medium i.

Importance of Gender in International Relations. One of the major issues that have characterized international relations IR discourse is the role and significance of gender. Steans states that gender issues in international relations IR are usually very controversial and highly political. The controversy associated with this issue is attributable to the fact that gender IR is an increasingly political issue.

This paper focuses on examining the role and significance of gender in international relations given the increased controversy and politics surrounding it. This paper demonstrates that gender is an important issue in IR, especially with the increased role of men and women in world politics. The first part shows that gender relations are crucial in international law and politics. The second part shows that incorporating both genders in IR discourse helps in establishing fair social policies and inclusive peace strategies.

The third part will demonstrate that gender plays a major role in formulating policy agenda…… [Read More]. Cyberspace and International Relations. A Literature eview Cyberspace became a household term after it was adopted by computer professionals and popularized in the s Slater, Before that, it was used most often in science fiction movies and books.

With the growth of the internet, many people began referring to cyberspace as the "place" where everything happened online Slater, Technically, of course, cyberspace is not really a physical place. It is just the term chosen to be used by most of the general public when they discuss where something "goes" when it is sent from one computer.

For example, an email that failed to reach its destination without explanation may be said to have been "lost in cyberspace. Institutions and International Relations Question. By way of introduction to the topic, Legro examines the general presumption that a state's sense of identity defines the parameter of its national interests, thus directing its domestic or international conduct. Rather than subscribing blindly to this fundamental precept of neorealism, Legro offers a competing theory of identity and its influence on international relations, surmising that "states become what they do as much as they do what they are, they desire what they do as much as they do what they desire" It is Legro's contention that a state's distinct set of cultural norms, social values, and other markers of identity can direct governmental actions on the world stage, but that these actions will inevitably influence this identity, thus providing an entirely different contextual framework for international relations as time progresses and circumstances change.

Legro cites the example of America's divergent approaches to participation in each of the…… [Read More]. IR Theory In international relations theory, realists generally follow the rational choice or national actor with the assumption that states and their leaders make policy on the basis of calculated self-interest.

They follow a utilitarian and pragmatic philosophy in which "decision makers set goals, evaluate their relative importance, calculate the costs and benefits of each possible course of action, then choose the one with the highest benefits and lowest costs" Goldstein and Pevehouse Individual leaders will have their unique personalities, experiences and psychological makeups, and some will be more averse to risk than others, but essentially they all follow a rational model of policymaking.

American presidents are generally skilled politicians as well or they would never have achieved such high office in this first place, and this means that their rational calculations will always include public opinion, the needs of their electoral coalitions and the wishes of various interest…… [Read More].

Rationalist Theories of International Relations Despite the. Rationalist Theories of International Relations Despite the name, rationalist theories of international relations are anything but, limited as they are by both an almost childlike understanding of human behavior and a catastrophic lack of imagination.

Rationalist theories of international relations, like the Objectivism which developed in the same post-orld ar II period, rely on a number of assumptions which have since been shown to be empirically false. Rationalism assumes that the most important, and in fact, the only entities dictating international relations are nation states, and that these nation states are engaged in a zero-sum game of diplomacy and war, in which the goals of every nation state is eventual dominance above all others, so that international relations are dictated almost exclusively through violence or coercion, with diplomacy essentially reduced to the well-spoken threat of force.

Thus, rationalist theories of international relations are not only incorrect, but altogether dangerous, as…… [Read More]. Culture Theories and Interventions intervention in the Middle East has had very divergent consequences for both Iraq and the United States, with the lasting outcome being undetermined as of yet. The two countries are polar opposites in many ways, including vastly different cultures, different work ethics, and different histories.

The divide between the Western Liberalized world and the world of Muslim dictators has always been troublesome in relations between the two populations. Lessons may be learned from the African Union in how to unite deeply divided states, as the institution has been successful in their attempt to unite states divided by religion, ethnicity, language, and culture. The African Union may also learn lessons from the U. What is the most important threat to US foreign policy? How will this threat change it?

Which one is better in terms of international relations? What are existing policies in the UK? How are they legitimate? Do you believe that Labor policies detract from a proud position in Europe? Has this country moved closer to Europe? Did it cause any social or economic problems? Do you think that the free movement of people in the EU is an important marker for the successful of the foreign policy in the UK?

How does its current foreign policy serve to prove its close ties with the US? How does this policy influence the rest of European countries? Do you agree that the EU formation is beneficial to serve important UK foreign policy goals? Have they ever been limited or changed to succeed?

Suggestions for Your Essay on International Relations in Africa The relations of this continent with other countries are quite problematic because their politics and policies are often considered contradictory in the West.

The main reason is that most of their governments are hard to call democratic, and this is what provides you with multiple ideas for an academic paper, such as the following: Why is Africa such a problem for the West? Do you think that the Western involvement only makes things worse?

Is it true that most of political problems in this region are affected by colonial rules? Can ancient religious beliefs and tribal traditions be blamed for existing problems between different nations in Africa? Feel free to use all available tools, including a powerpoint presentation , to prove your point of view.

Critics of liberalism contend that power hungry states are unlikely to see accomplishment of their national interests through international organizations. The followers of realist school of thought conclude that in case of security threats states will have a trust in their own power not in the promises of global institutions.

S president Jimmy Carter- "It's important that we take a hard clear look Realists are known for their pessimism towards global affairs. Realists believe that each and every state of the world is participating in stern security competition. States are striving for power monopoly over the other in relentless manner.

Contrary to this liberals are famous for their optimism. Liberals are worshippers of cooperation among humans. They advocate progress through cooperatives measures. Both powers followed their own ideologies.

Soviet Union was a communist state whereas on other hand United Sates was a strictly a capitalist democracy. Difference in ideologies and hunger for hegemony engulfed these two superpowers into Cold War which begun in In Kennan sent a famous telegram to Washington assessing sources of Soviet Union's Conduct which was followed later on by introduction of Truman doctrine. The power transition at end of World War-II is considered significant cause of it.

As per realists, the sense of fear developed among the superpowers and each of them tried to increase its sphere of influence. The first peak, between and , was characterized by acute confrontations in central Europe, Korea and the Taiwan Straits. Until late s foreign policy of Soviet Union was consistent with realist theories. Realists and non realists are always been interested in understanding how and why the conflict between Soviet Unionand USA came to an end.

In the past, collapse of major super power has always been accompanied by major warfare. The peaceful collapse of Soviet Union was mainly due to development of liberal democracies across the globe. Mikhail Gorbachev was instrumental in resolving Cold War. His liberalization of the Soviet system, sponsorship of political change in Eastern Europe, and commitment to disarmaments were catalysts of accommodation.

Realist state would never make any move to reduce its sphere of influence. Withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan, end of Soviet Union's aid to Cuba also supports this argument. Liberalism can The realists on the other hand claim that there is a flaw in statement that realism has gone.

As per realists the recent US wars against Afghanistan and Iraq clearly depict that state and power play prime role in the world politics. Iraq war which wasn't justifed by United Nations, several other states and non state actors was still carried out by United States to fulfil its national interests. United States led Iraq war to fulfil its motives of anti terrorism without caring about international organisations and prevalent global norms.

Realism will continue to serve as a critical weapon for revealing interplay of national interest beneath the rhetoric of Universalist sentiments. Behind the rhetoric of universal values, the USA has used the war to justify a wide range of policy positions that strengthen its economic and military power while undermining various multilateral agreements on the arms control, the environment, human rights and trade.

Development of multipolar system will eventually led to war. These global issues strongly suggest that realism will continue to be a dominant theory in the coming years. Although there are many changes to the original idea of realism but still the core still remains that states act like individuals in acquiring power.

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Short Essay on International Relations – No man is an island, they say. The same applies to nations as well. The same applies to nations as well. We, after all, live in a .

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Malaysia's International Relations Essay Words | 4 Pages. Malaysian particularly on the aspect of international relations in order to analyze the behavior pattern of the characteristics of international politics, utility diverse historical junctures in which shifting bases of state power, paths of growth, and official manipulation of social identities join in the regulation of social order. International Relations consist of a wide range of theories which deals with a variety of issues occurring in the politics of the world. The complexity of these issues forced scholars to develop different types of theories, each of which gives a unique explanation of world politics on the basis of various assumptions.

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- In this essay, am going to covering why power is the most important factor in international relations, and why power has changed throughout the years, is power or isn’t power the primary factor in international relations. PARADIGMS AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Paradigms and International Relations In our textbook, World Politics In The 21st Century, it defines Political Realism as a “philosophical position that assumes that human beings are imperfect and possess an innate desire for power”. (Duncan,Webster,Switky, p.