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What are the different fields that are connected to Integrated Water Resource Planning?

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The Planning Criteria

When Integrated Water Resource Planning is completely absent or not well prepared, serious conflicts over the water usage and accessibility can arise, as can be seen around all major river systems, water bodies and even coastal seas.

These conflicts can be between local stakeholders, at the municipal, state, national as well as international levels. The conflicts can also range from peaceful demonstrations to violent conflicts and even wars. These conflicts can in turn have an impact on the environmental, economic, social and political domains around the water resource.

Integrated Water Resource Planning must take into account many important aspects and contingencies. For instance, the availability and supply of water, especially fresh water, differs according to the natural variables such as climate change or changes in the terrain. Man-made changes such as the construction of dams and reservoirs, digging of canals, pollution, deforestation, as well as the draining of aquifers and water resources due to over-usage are also factors that have to be considered in the Integrated Water Resource Planning.

An Integrated Water Resource Planning body such as an institution like the water board consisting of local, state, national and international officials has to be put into place.

This body should be given the charge of collecting the necessary data about the availability, the variations and needs and these have to be analysed and circulated to the different stakeholders such as the government, the public as well as the local administration authorities. Discussions and active multi-level participation and decision-making is very essential to lay a proper foundation for the Integrated Water Resource Planning. If you need more information on this topic, just visit our website.

Remember our cheap assignment help can always be approached for placing your orders. Replacing the old machines with automated technology make old machines redundant, thus a great financial loss can happen. Pollution can be controlled but up to some extent and the lorries still are still giving pollution. The public gets disturbed due to working of company. There is more overhead required during that stage, because raw materials should be available at both sides and also the profits are taken from both sides.

It increases the overall budget and time of the project. However this option requires more overhead and time but company has enough resources and time to handle this problem.

Recruit a new staff and allot them their responsibilities for the smooth working of the project. The proposed and structured organization is shown below. The Managing director selects project manager and clearly explains his and his team members roles and responsibilities for the completion of project.

Manager is needed for the managing whole project. The manager should know about construction, how to pass tenders and making the contract. Previous experience is needed in managing the new construction sites, managing the contracts, passing tenders, all leadership, managerial skills are required and at least one year experience of change management is necessary.

He manages all his team members and reports updates of the project to his MD. He is responsible for all the funds that are spent and he manages these funds within the budget so that to achieve the goals, objectives and plan of the project. The risk officer will identify all the risks, maintain the risk list, analyze them clearly, have the ability to resolve those risks and keep regularly informing the project team about the probability of any coming new risk. The risk officer regularly updates his project manager about the risk.

Convince all production related employees to move to new location. It is noted that the general administrative staff would be surplus. So some of the staff would be made redundant. Every effort should be made to avoid the compulsory redundancy.

Redundancy would be very clear and is based on point systems, which will be designed by the HR department of the company. Provisions should be made so that the production of dies should not be stopped. Movement of business from one plan to another takes time lets take one month. During this period the production rate is slow and hence supply of the product may be delayed by certain time. To avoid this situation, there are options available.

Inform in advance to the customers that due to movement of the company, there will be a delay in supply. Manufacture the die in advance, more than the requirement, so that during the period of movement, these stored products are needed to adjust the supply. Give the contract of manufacturing the products to some another competitor during that period, take the products from them and supply these products to your customers.

Informed the local community around the company about the movement so that they can cooperate with the company during the movement because we need to produce more products, so there be more noise, more pollution and also during the movement there will be large noise of vehicles moving through residential areas.

The contract manager passes the tender for constructing new premises at a new site to the construction companies and need to select within a team the best suitable contract which is within the budget.

The contract manager passes the tender to various transport companies, so that to arrange the best transport for movement of material from existing site to another site. The contract manager passes the tender to engineering company whose role is to disassemble the current machinery and reassemble the same at new site. Their role is also to setting up some new plants, new machinery at the new site. The remaining old site would be sold off, possibly for housing development.

So at the period of movement, the company will pass the tenders to the construction companies for demolishing the existing site and converting it into the housing development.

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Project Management Coursework Example direct - absoluteprojectmanagement. You are hired as a project manager by Fuel System Plc, the company is moving the entire existing plant to new premises so that to provide the social relaxation to the local community around the existing premises and to increase the productivity and profitability of the company. You have to present a project plan to the stakeholders of how can be achieved.

What is Integrated Water Resource Planning?

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