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M.I.A. - Paper Planes (DFA remix) Lyrics

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Paper Planes Lyrics
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This song promotes terrorism, cos it's sung by a supporter of terrorism itself. I live in Sri Lanka and our country is torn by ltte terrorists for 25yrs. She's a great supporter of their murderous cause. They have been killing innocent civilians and damaging property. They're the only terror group that killed state leaders make it 2 state leaders. The ones who introduced suicide bombs and car bombs.

One of many source of income for them are bribes from tamil illegal immigrants in developed countries. I am not surprised that she sings violent lyrics. That's the nature of terrorism. Mayb she sings about sumthin like that. When robbing from those immigrants. This is rather intresting. I never understood the song until I read these comments.

Hell, in a way she sounds like a drug dealer or something in this song. And why in the hell is she called "M. Lyrical content not so much. You people who think this song is about weed and murder are stupid.

Do some research or look at the world. That's what most of her music is about. Shes trying to get the message out. Its about stuff that most teenagers in america don't have a clue about, and need to learn. I learn proper english. Sometimes I be sittin on trains. And be stuck again to a coconut game. Everyones a winner were making our fame one fine hustler making my name. Hollywood skulls and bones sticks and stones and weed and bones.

Running when we hear em. A little poison for the system. No one on the corner has white like us hit me on the banner prepaid wireless we probably can deliver like ups trucks already going forward just pumping that gas. Some I'm gonna murder. Some i"m gonna let go. Some I'm gonna let go. Mia third world democracy yeah I got more records than the kgb. So you left on buisness.

This is about the end of the world and the great city babylon who people had to fall down and worship. View 5 more meanings. Freedom of speech is free till you don't talk freely. If you listen,a lot of artist do and their right.

We should pay more attention to some of them. Their telling us what we aren't supposed to know. Flag Jerseyshoregirl98 on April 01, IthinkImRight spoke the truth ,not trust.. General Comment The song's about America's fear of immigrants. The song lyrics describe illegal ways of making money, but the video shows M. So even though many Americans associate immigrants with the baddest things in society lethal poison for the system , the reality is that most legitimately work to make a living, and some even say the economy couldn't run without them I agree.

Her outfits are awesome too. General Comment I believe she is actually saying "Burner pre-paid wireless. On the show The Wire set in Baltimore prepaid cell-phones were called burners, usually for drug dealing purposes. Song is a killer for sure. General Comment i love the song from first time i heard it in london!!! General Comment I heard "summer murder" but that was wrong.

My Opinion I can totally see this song being about America now. I've had it stuck permanetly in my head ever since the performance at the grammys. I was like please preggers don't go into labor on stage. Gotta love her guts, style and swagger though. But America is all about making a dollar.

It doesn't matter who you take down who you hurt or kill, in the hood especially, as long as you got bank. Money makes America go round. You need money for everything, and most have to hustle to get it now. I turn on the news and all i hear is he got killed, she got killed, drug bust, robbery, etc, is there ever any good news? I'm American, born and raised, but if u look at all the bs we got goin on over here, I wouldn't wanna be.

Too much drama and all about the dollar. Every day that I look at the news there doing exactly whats described in this song. I'm in 12 grade and half of the people at my school say the same thing.

America could do a lot better and I honestly don't know if our new president can change this in the amount of time he has in office. Lol Katy Perry's Grammy performance sucked. Half of Radiohead and a marching band put on a better show than she did. Flag LifeInTechnicolor on June 29, General Comment "I fly like paper, get high like planes" You don't know how badly I want that etched on my tombstone.

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Lyrics to "Paper Planes" song by M.I.A.: I fly like paper, get high like planes If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name If you c.

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Lyrics to "Paper Planes" song by ONE OK ROCK: From paper planes, to hand grenades I'm gonna take you out From paper planes, to hand grenades I'm g.

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Paper Planes Lyrics: I fly like paper, get high like planes / If you catch me at the border I got visas in my name / If you come around here, I make 'em . 4 explanations, 10 meanings to Paper Planes lyrics by M.I.A.: I fly like paper, get high like planes / If you catch me at the border all da.

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Lyrics to 'Paper Planes' by M.I.A.: Pirate skulls and bones Sticks and stones and weed and bongs Running when we hit 'em. View Lyrics for Paper Planes (Remix) by Lil Wayne at AZ Lyrics Paper Planes (Remix) AZ lyrics, find other albums and lyrics for Lil Wayne.