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Literacy Narrative Essay

Things to Consider When Writing a Literacy Narrative Essay

❶That book I loved so much. Is the story focused and narrowed to a specific event?

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Collecting Literacy Stories in Black Columbus—The Dance Community (English 2367S/AAAS2367S)
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I do remember reading a series called Sweet Valley High, the updated s version. I really liked those books but the last book left the main character in a coma and I was so angry. Haven't really read much since then. The only institution I can think of that has impacted my reading and writing is school. I think that might also be why I don't enjoy reading because we always had to read horrible, boring, uninteresting books that made me want to fall asleep. I have read two summer books that weren't horrible, one I would read on my own if someone introduced it to me; but that's it out of all the books I've ever read during the summers.

I don't think I've ever been rewarded or punished for reading or writing. I think I would often feel dumb because I couldn't pronounce words like my big sister who was an avid reader. I thought of being forced to read as a punishment because my mom knew I didn't like to read but I knew that's not what she was trying to do.

The only reward I can think of was the satisfaction of finishing a book. My peers could read books in a few days, or maybe even one if it was that interesting but I never had that dedication. I think it was 6th grade when I got a book that I couldn't put down.

I was so proud of myself for reading a book in two days! That was the happiest I've ever been to finish a book. My mom would call me and I would say hold on because I wanted to keep reading, but I don't give books a chance to engross me anymore.

Early reading and writing experiences: When I was in elementary my school had this thing called reading counts. Every week we would have to go to the library and checkout a book. Once we would finish the book, we would have to get on the computers and take a mini test on it.

The better we did on the test the more points we would receive. So every month the librarian would come around with a cart that had a lot of prizes on it and we would be able to pick out toys based on the number of points we had. I believe that reading counts made me a better reader because I would try to read and understand the book for I could get more points on the tests to get more prizes.

The earliest writing experience that I could remember was in first grade. Masters would have us practice our writing and cursive in these booklets. In the books there was the letter and how it looked. We would have to trace the dotted line that was in the shape of the letter.

Then we would have to write the letter by itself. The writing book really helped me learn how to write. I think that he helped me become a better writer. Before I had him as a teacher I was getting okay grades on my essays. Then when I had him I could tell that my writing was improving and my essays were sounding better. I even got a higher score on my writing FCAT and my essay grades were improving. How I feel now about reading and writing: When I was younger I was more into reading and writing then I am today.

My teachers use to make it fun to read and they would give interesting topic that I could relate to. The end of middle school and all through high school I got less and less interested in reading and writing.

I use to read on my own time just because I felt like it and now you will never see me reading a book unless I have to for school. With writing I would never just write for no reason, but I wouldn't mind writing when I was told. Now I cannot stand writing unless it is an easy topic that I can write a lot about.

Everytime I have to write an essay I just think to my self I can't wait till this is over with. I think I became this way with reading and writing because every year my teachers would add something that makes the reading or writing more boring.

Like adding test, quizzes, and projects, after reading a book or for writing making them have to be longer or making them more complicated. I do on the other hand remember two books that my mother used to read to me every night to help me go to sleep.

These two books were my main source of literature growing up before going into school. I remember learning how to relate the words with the pictures.

When I finally did start in school I remember learning how to write with those sheets of paper that you would have to practice writing on the lines. It was a class project that we had to read it after class and towards the end of a quarter a paper was due on it.

That was my first experience of being absorbed into literature. This was also a school project that I had to do. I still to this day remember that book. Then came the time when my family started to move from city to city. I had to keep going to new schools.

During that time I started to stray away from anything but weight lifting. The schools I went to now seemed to be mainly a refresher of things I had already done. The classes I was in now were so much harder. I almost ended up having to go into a prep class but was saved by a teacher I will never forget. She sat down with me and actually would help me with everything I was having problems with. She showed me tips on reading that would help me better understand what I was reading about.

In the end she helped my get through my new school and pass with great grades. After a couple of months out of high school I joined the U. I actually started to enjoy reading again. I started to read more about things that would make my job easier as a soldier.

I then came across a few people that were playing online video games. I saw how much fun they were having playing with them so I figured I would give them a try.

The only thing is it never felt like I was reading because I got to play a game to. As of today the most ready I get is from playing a game. Now I am out of the military and working for Target as a security guard. I actually get to do a lot of reading in my job.

There are always tons of reports being written about a different case that has happened at another store. I get to see all the different styles of how people write on a day to day base.

For the most part that is all of the writing and reading I get any more. Literacy Profile Fresh Start My earliest memories of reading start when I was about 5 and my mom would read me the same book every night. Only because I was so obsessed with it. Eventually it got to the point where I had memorized the entire book word for word.

By this point I didn't need my mom to read it to me anymore. I continued to do this with other books as well.

I've always been a big fan of reading just not so much on the writing, but when school first started they finally taught me how to spell my name.

I thought writing was the easiest thing in the world up until my first essay and after that point its just a downhill snowball of dread and procrastination. Family and Teacher Impacts There really haven't been to many people who have impacted me on reading and writing other than my mom and dad; my elementary school librarian Mr.

McLoughlan; and a few teachers along the way. My mom and dad, as well as other family members have all been very supportive on reading. Both my grandpas were teachers and always felt the need to pass me on their knowledge as well as tossing some books my way they thought I would be interested in. I didn't realize how helpful that was to me until a few years down the road and I realized that was what developed my open mindedness towards reading.

McLaughlan comes into play when I was attending elementary school in Ohio. Everyday from 1st grade till 3rd grade our teachers would take us to the library where Mr. McLaughlan would read us a book and entartain us for an hour or two. He was just a huge inspiration as a kid and thats just always sat in the back of my mind for some unexplainable reason.

Awards and Accomplishments As I started to take off into my reading and writing career in the 5th grade they introduced this point system that earned you rewards. Each book had a certain number of points based on its difficulty. Obviously harder books have more points than the easier books. This was one of the best ideas in my eyes. It motivated me to read harder books and faster to acquire more points.

And you would only receive the points if you passed the test on the book. That was my main source of entertainment at the time. I ended up taking a test later that year that told me I was reading at a 12th grade level in 5th grade and damn did that feel empowering.

Dis-empowered There has been plenty of times where I've felt dis-empowered in writing, reading, sports, video games, tests but they all have helped to build me to who I am today. I'm not sure if I've just experienced it so much throughout life that I'm just numb to it or if I've learned to manage it better or a mix of both. The majority of what it has taught me is that criticism is the best teacher.

The routine was pretty simple. First, mom made us a delicious snack and promptly after came our homework. If we had questions, they had to wait until dad came home from work. It was then that I realized what a brilliant man my father really was. They were sprawled out on the makeshift workbench in his shop. I remember family and friends bringing broken television sets to our house and days later, those same televisions leaving our house in tip-top shape.

Electronics were his passion. Reading and teaching himself the art of repair his reward for a hard day at the cement mill where he worked for a paycheck. I was in first grade when I discovered reading books. That was when the words began to make sense in those mysterious books. Later, a fifth grade teacher, Ms. Rossi introduced a new way of reading. She let us choose a book every month for us to read as a class. My favorite was Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

She used a different voice for each character, I was completely engrossed. She was better than any actress on T. In high school, after a disastrous freshman year, I had the pleasure of having Mr. Fisher as my science teacher. Not only did he encourage us to read and write, he did the craziest classroom experiments and taught us all about the Black Americans that helped shape our country. Fisher was ahead of his time.

A teacher with a passion not only teaching but also for learning. Eager to learn Spanish, we would often get completely off track of a subject while my friends and I gave him lessons during class time! It was in when an opportunity for me to return to school came about. Mid-Florida Tech piloted a program for people in the childcare profession. I had taken a job with my church after my own children were older and all six of them were in school. I received an equivalency Associate Degree in Child Development and in went back to school at Seminole State when it was still a community college.

I have been a Preschool Director for more than 10 years. This is a changing world. I find myself in need of more education, not only to be a better director, but to better communicate with my parents in this new age of modern technology. A dream I now share. Literacy Profile by Andre Grace My earliest memory of literacy is being read to as a kid by my mom.

She would read us bed time bible stories to get us to sleep. The way she read the stories was always animated enough for us to really get into the stories. I was raised in a christian house where we were always taught about the bible.

My father while he didn't read to us at night had his influence on me in a big way. He taught me how to pronounciate and use the right words for the right situations. As a kid it really got on my nerves he would always correct us but it truly shaped my vocabulary. I didn't truly understand why he would always use these seemingly complicated words just to describe something simple. It was as if he was trying to brag about his oral skills by choosing the the most complicated word for the situation.

Well anyway it worked because as I grew up I seemed to have a very good vocabulary for someone not really into school. Elementary school also had a tremendous effect on my literacy. I went to a private school and at lunch and nap time they would play cassettes of bible stories read by a woman name Aunt Sue and Uncle Ben. Hearing them read so eloquently made me understand how to read in a way that others can understand easily and their tone was so soothing it would put us to sleep.

I still can hear those stories in my head today. Though I used these experiences to shape my reading and it did my writing was neglected.

I never liked writing and only did it when absolutely necessary. Besides my homework and occasional love letters I really didn't do much writing. This would change later in life though. I think the biggest factor on my literacy life now is my relationship with God.

In my 20's I was in alot of street activities and ended up incarcerated more times then I am proud of. However this was like so many other a positive factor on my spiritual,family,and literacy life. I found God incarcerated and began reading vehemently the bible. I was so interested in learning I would read a whole book in the bible everyday. However the reading I was doing was much more comprehensive. I wasn't reading just to read but to understand and learn.

I learned how to learn and disect words and phrases to extract their exact meanings. I also learned how to use context of words to explain the meaning of an unfamiliar word. This turned out to be a valuable tool reading a King James Bible written in a seemingly ancient time. After coming out I began doing alot of motivational speaking wich I seem to be a natural at. However now I would have to write out speeches and sermons and my writing skills would improve through experience.

I feel blessed to have had all of these positive factors that have contributed to my literal life and I look forward to all the future contributors to help me reach my full potential Hello, My name is Melissa C. I was hoping to gain permission to use this material on this blog to develop my assignment for the Lit Narrative. What you have here is wonderful, but I would rather have your blessing. I will credit you. Here is my email account: When I was elementary kid my teacher Garrickson told me about this book called the funny bunny.

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Assignment Overview The literacy narrative assignment calls you to investigate your past literate experiences, share stories about moments and situations that shaped your trajectory as a reader and writer, and make an overall point.

Throughout your life, many experiences have helped you develop as a reader and writer. Parents, teachers, mentors, and institutions are among the entities that have likely helped you develop your literacy. These sponsors as Deborah Brandt would call them, are agents that enable and procure literacy opportunities but also stand to gain something from the sponsorship situation.

Begin by considering your history as a reader and writer. Mine your memory for important moments and situations that helped you develop your sense of value regarding reading and writing. Many scholars disagree on the definition of literacy. What does your literacy narrative suggest about how you define literacy and about the way that literacy has shaped you as a person? Even though this is a personal narrative, it must have a controlling thesis and purpose. Refer to the characteristic features in that chapter:.

Evaluative Criteria Your literacy narrative will be evaluated according to the following criteria:. Even though this is a written literacy narrative, I invite you to pair with a classmate and record video or audio your literacy narrative for the DALN.

Draft due and peer response October Refer to the characteristic features in that chapter: A clearly defined event: A clearly described setting: When and where did it happen? What makes the story come alive?

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The literacy narrative assignment calls you to investigate your past literate experiences, share stories about moments and situations that shaped your trajectory as a .

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Sep 26,  · Assignment: In the literacy narrative, your goal is to reflect on the role that reading and writing have played in your life. In other words, you will write a story about yourself as a literate person.

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WR Essay One: Literacy Narrative ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES As you begin this essay writing process. Assignment 2: Writing a Literacy Narrative Essay ( pages, ds) Your second major assignment is your own literacy narrative. This assignment is a page essay in which you discuss your path to literacy or discuss a significant moment/memory in your literate life.

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Literacy Narrative A literacy narrative uses the elements of story (plot, character, setting, conflict) to recount a writer’s personal experience with language in all its forms—reading and writing, acquiring a second language, being an insider or outsider based on literacy level, and so on. Literacy Narrative Essay Sample This assignment is designed to encourage a personal reflection on your literacy history to help you gain insight into your own formation as a literate individual—in other words, your development as a reader, writer, thinker, and member of discourse communities.