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Flower of Service

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❶Without billing, how the customers are supposed to pay the services that are provided to them? The school also has a psychologist who is called upon to help pupils identify with strange psychological problems and behaviours.

Flower Of Service Essay Sample

Apart from the normal classroom teaching the school offers training in sewing, cookery, boys Scout and Girls Guides. Attached is a brochure of the school which provides more information of the school. The school has a canteen where pupils who do not bring food to school can buy food during break.

Likewise, the flower of service concept has the core businesses of the firm with its supplementary services. According to Christopher Lovelock and Jochen Wirtz, the core products often share a range of similar supplementary service elements which has two 2 kinds. The facilitating and enhancing supplementary services which can be classified into one eight clusters as the petals surrounding the centre of a flower called the flower of service.

Facilitating supplementary service include information, order-taking, billing and payment. Consultation, hospitality, safekeeping and exceptions are what make up the enhancing supplementary services. This is delivered or created by employing qualified graduate teachers to teach the various subjects and creating the right environment for learning to achieve this objective.

Again the school has adopted a small class size of maximum thirty 30 pupils per class to ensure effective class control and good supervision. Teacher give pupils home work, project work and holiday assignments to reinforce the classroom teaching.

Excursions and field trips are also constantly organised to give the pupils first information on what we treat in the classroom. The school has a library with good books to help both teachers and pupils for research.

There is also a well stoked modern computer laboratory. The school has a science lab for practical lessons but according to the Science teacher we spoke to, he cannot hold science practicals with the pupils because there are few old equipment and chemicals in the science laboratory. This we identified as a service gap. A glance through the brochure gives us broad and vivid information about the school.

Telephone enquiry also gives information to prospective clients and its current clients during school hours. These sources of information by our assessment are not enough and can be improved upon. We realised information technology has not been taken advantage of. Order Taking Order-taking by the school in terms of admissions is done by current and prospective clients personally coming to the school. This must be done a year before the intended date of admission. This reservation does not guarantee admission but based on the wards passing an entrance examination and an interview.

Information Technology is not being taken advantage of. Billing The third element of a facilitating service in the school which is billing has student statement given to parents at the end of every term. This informs them on how much they owe and how to do the payments. Parents have to come to the school to collect this bill which we believe is a gap that can be improved upon. Questioning this, we were informed that the tuition includes Text books, Exercise books and other services the school provides such as toiletry.

This creates a problem for clients who would want a clear and accurate bill informing them on what exactly they are paying for. Payment The last element under facilitating supplementary service is payment.

This creates a service problem. They are also counselled and guided as to the school and subject choices they pursue in senior high school. The school also has a psychologist who is called upon to help pupils identify with strange psychological problems and behaviours.

This tends to add value to the service the school offers. Hospitality Hospitality which is the second element that the school scored high marks for during our assessment. The reception or waiting area of the school is very spacious with comfortable seats, air condition, daily newspapers and magazines, also a water dispenser for its clients. The poets sings the praise of these flowers.

People compare the beautiful faces and palms with flowers. Hence, flowers are really beautiful. Flowers are very useful too. They beautiful our garden, our courtyard and the front and back of our houses. They beautify the sides of our houses. Bees collect honey from the flowers and store it in their hives. We get this honey from the bee-hives. We make garlands of flowers for the deities and from our honourable guests. We offer flowers to our deities. We put flowers on the flower-vase to beautiful the table in the meetings.

However, in order to create value to customer, additional services are required. These services known as supplementary services. It is crucial for the service provider to realize that if the supplementary services are not sufficiently provided, the core benefit of the services cannot be consumed fully.

According to the flower of service there are two kinds of supplementary services which are facilitating supplementary services and enhancing supplementary services Facilitating supplementary services are either needed in service delivery or help in the use of core product Lovelock et al, Basically, facilitating elements is a must have or compulsory for the service provider to provide in order to be able to deliver their services.

The elements under facilitating supplementary services are information, order-taking, billing and payment Lovelock et al, On the other hand, enhancing elements add extra value to the customer. Enhancing elements is differing from its counterparts as it is not compulsory for the service provider to provide. A firm needs to have enhancing elements to create value added to the customer. This is due to the fact that value added is important for a service provider firm to gain competitive advantage and also to differentiate them form their competitors.

The elements under enhancing supplementary services are safekeeping, exceptions, consultation and hospitality Lovelock et al, In the business perspectives, information act as a facilitating element that helps the customers to get clear picture about an organization, its service or products offered and any other information that will facilitate the services process between the customers and the organization.

Customers always hunger for a details information before purchasing or consuming something. For instance, customers require detail information about the services offered, service hours, prices, notifications of changes and availability of the services.

It can be through website, call service, various advertisements such as newspaper and television. Based on our study in MARA, they have provided lots of information about the services offered at their official website which include updated and detail information on entrepreneurship, education, and others.

This facilitate the people especially students who are not aware and not capable to read about the news established in the websites. However, not all information is helpful. There are several quality required for a good information which include relevant, up- to-date, accurate, meet the need of the user, easy to use and understand, worth of cost and lastly, reliable.

Information should be timely and free from errors. It also should be clearly presented, worthwhile and most importantly comes from authoritative sources. In a flower of service concept, Order taking is categorize under facilitating service. We already knew that Facilitating service means a service required for service delivery.

This should be clear that order taking is the crucial service delivery or we can say that it helps in the use of the core product. Order taking generally is defines as an activity which a person take order or request something from another person.

There are generally 3 elements of order taking. The 3 elements are: Application element here means what kind of order taking service we have in the aspect of application.

For example, in terms of application to be a membership in the club or to subscribe certain service subscribe iron utility in a hotel. The second element is order entry. Order entry means on what way the customer can make an order. For example, the customer can make an order through online, telephone and others. The third element is reservation and check in. For example, is there such service like appointments or reservation of place to make the customer feel secure that they can get the service?

Why order taking is list in a facilitating service? Many goods or services must be ordered or reserved in advance. This is to make sure that there is no misunderstanding and to confirm the request of the customer. For example, in a restaurant, the waiter will go to customers and take order. This is to know what the customers want and to make sure they can fulfill the customer request. With order taking, customers also will know what is available and they may want to secure commitment delivery.

The process will more be fast and smooth. In MARA, the 3 elements of order taking exist. In term of application, Mara does provide financial credit such as for entrepreneurship, education and even for investment. Whereas, in term of order exist, such financial credit can be made through online, telephone and even present at the place.

As for reservation and check-in elements, they do have professional appointment for consultation service. As a service provider, we might charge the customers for the service that we had delivered or going to deliver. The charges for every service usually differ from each other. As for this, we must provide the customer with a statement of bills to make them clear about the amount charged to them.

Why does billing is categorized under the facilitating elements? Billing is important as it is required for the service delivery. Without billing, how the customers are supposed to pay the services that are provided to them? As a service provider, we cannot simply charge the customers. We need a standard pricing in order to make sure that the customers are not being over charged.

Now that we had known the meaning of billing and the importance of it, we should also know the best features of a good billing. A good billing should be clear, accurate and east to be understood by the customers. For example, when the customer wants to get a service, they will always want to know the amount that is charged to them.

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Flower of service is a visual framework for understanding the supplementary service elements that surround and add value to the core product. Flower of service is introduced by Christopher Lovelock that distinguishes between facilitating and enhancing supplementary services.

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Flower Of Service Essay Sample. Generally, financial services refer to services provided by the finance industry either public or private finance industry.

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Flower of Service. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report provides an assessment of the current service concept at the North Ridge Lyceum Ltd - Flower of Service introduction. It is consists the findings of an analytical assessment of the school using the Flower of Service Concept. The flower of service consists of four facilitation services. These are services that are either required for service delivery or aid in the use of the core product. These four services are; information, order-taking, billing and payment.

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Satisfaction is thought to result from the comparison between predicted service and perceived service, whereas service quality refers to the comparison between desired service and perceived service. Sureshchandar et al. () identifies five factors of service quality as . SERVICE MARKETING THE FLOWER SERVICE ALOZIE ANYANWU The flower of service model plays a major role in supplementary service by facilitating supplementary service that are required for service delivery or can aid in the use of the core product.