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537 words essay on Indira Gandhi

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❶During her tenure as Prime Minister, she had to face many storms in the country a weal as in her party.

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They opposed her, but she remained firm. Her decision was irrevocable and final. But Mahatma Gandhi wholeheartedly favoured the marriage and blessed them profusely. They were happily married on 26th March, During the Quit India agitation, she was arrested and sent to Naini Jail but then released after months of imprisonment.

Nehru became the first Prime Minister of India. She had to choose between her husband and her father. And she decided in favour of the latter because of her great love for the country. Indira chose politics as her career quite late and not so much by choice but more by necessity. In the first general elections were held in India and Nehru was awfully busy. Indira helped Nehru in the selection of party candidates and preparation of propaganda material.

She was asked to seek election for a seat in Parliament but she politely declined the offer. For a long stretch of about two decades, she was trained by her father in a way most perfect and exhaustive.

She accompanied him to England in and then to Moscow. Thus, she was groomed by her father who was destined to be an illustrious politician and Prime Minister. She was also with Nehru when they visited China in She was elected President of the Congress in She accompanied Nehru to many more countries including France, Indonesia etc. During these global visits she had the opportunity to meet and hear such great personalities as Churchill, Truman, Tito, Khrushchev, Nasser, Sukarno and Chau-En-lai.

These marked the milestones on the road that ultimately led her to Prime Minister-Ship of India. The Chinese attack on India in proved a great shock for Nehru from which he never recovered and finally succumbed to it in on 27th May.

Shastri invited her to join his cabinet and she did so in June She was given the portfolio of Information and Broadcasting. Pakistan attacked India in September The war lasted for 21 days in which Pakistan suffered a humiliating defeat. Shastri and Ayub Khan were invited to Taskent for a peaceful settlement of the matter.

The agreement was signed there but soon after that Shastri died on January 11, of a massive heart attack. In another general election was held and the Congress party under her leadership suffered some setbacks and it lost majority in as many as eight States.

In Parliament also its strength was reduced to from But in the election of she returned to the Parliament with an over-whelming majority winning seats out of It was a great personal victory for her. Her finest hour came during the Bangladesh war in Election was held in Pakistan in and the Awami League of Mujibur Rahman of East Pakistan had won a vast majority, but the dictator Yahya Khan did not allow him to form the government. He sent troops to Daca to prevent Mujibur Rahman from forming a civilian government.

And so there ensued a civil war. Consequently, Pakistan declared war on India. The war lasted for 13 days and Pakistan suffered a crushing defeat and Pakistani commander Gen. Niazi had to surrender. A ceasefire followed and an independent Bangladesh was born. After the death of Nehru in , she joined his Cabinet as the Minister of Information and Broadcasting. She became the first woman prime minister of India in Indira Gandhi was known for her leadership skills.

She had firm determination and strong will power. She was the woman behind defeating Pakistan in She also liberated East Pakistan, which was later renamed as Bangladesh.

During her reign, she was convicted for violation of election laws and so declared an internal Emergency on 26th June, As a result, she got defeated in the elections. However, she made a great comeback in with a majority government. Her bold decisions during the prime minister term were greatly admired. In she took a drastic step to help East Pakistan and so promulgated war against then Pakistan. She imposed national emergency in because of her conviction. She made a move to suppress Sikh insurgents, which elicited hatred among Sikhs towards her.

She was then assassinated by one of her Sikh bodyguards on 31st October, Every drop of my blood… will contribute to the growth of this nation and to make it strong and dynamic. Then and now, the country has not seen a great women leader like Indira Gandhi. She is always remembered as the greatest Indian woman leaders. Your email address will not be published.

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Read this Essay on Indira Gandhi ( A.D. – A.D.)! Indira Gandhi was born on November 19, in Allahabad to Jawaharlal Nehru and Kamla Nehru. Pt. Motilal Nehru, a famous lawyer and a Congress leader was his grand-father. The Nehru family then lived in famous Anand Bhawan, in Allahabad.

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Jun 06,  · Indira Gandhi was a true patriot and will always be remembered as a bold Prime Minister of India. Short Essay on 'Indira Gandhi' ( Words) 2 comments:Author: All Essay.

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Indira Nehru Gandhi was born on November 19, in her grandfather's house in Allahabad, in northern India. She was born to Jawaharlal Nehru (father) and Kamala Kaul (mother). The Independence movement filled young Indira's life. Indira Gandhi was our first woman Prime Minister. She had rare qualities of leadership and guided the destiny of a big country like India for about 15 years, from to and to India gained status of respect and strength in the world forum during her time. Our defeating the Pakistani forces [ ].

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Indira Gandhi was born November 11, to the parents Jawaharl and Kamala Nehru. She came from a family of power, as both parents were prime ministers of India, and her mother was a freedom fighter. Although assassinated on October 31, at the age of 67, before her passing, she won multiple awards and [ ]. Free Essay on Indira Gandhi for Kids – Indira Gandhi was one of the greatest women of India. Her childhood name was Priyadarshini. She was born at Allababad on 19th November, She was the illustrious daughter of an illustrious father, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India. She was born with patriotic [ ].