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Essay on Child Observation

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❶Those boys who are treated with Love, gentleness, and cuddles tend to be physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger, more self-confidant, more courageous, more assertive, more athletic, more masculine , than boys who are treated harshly. Children in child beauty pageants.

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Children who were abused when they were young are more likely to be abusive when they grow up and have children. Children who were not abused and grow up to have children are much less likely to be abusive parents, only two to three percent of people will be abusive.

Child Abuse and Neglect 1 People would tend to question why a child who knows how hard it was when they were young would grow up and do this to their child. Children grow up thinking that everything their parents do is right. Stress can be brought on from a variety of places. Common stress factors are unemployment, illness, drug abuse, poor housing, larger than average family size, death, or the presence of a new baby.

When it comes to the child welfare system, parental substance abuse and child abuse have been major issues - and very much linked Those windows include the children themselves but they also include society as a whole. Child abuse can be either The article begins with a formal definition of domestic violence This paper first describes 2 cases of abuse, one that pertains to elder abuse and the other to child sexual abuse.

Those boys who are treated with Love, gentleness, and cuddles tend to be physically, mentally, and emotionally stronger, more self-confidant, more courageous, more assertive, more athletic, more masculine , than boys who are treated harshly.

As is often the case, the truth of this matter is the exact opposite of popular opinion. Want to turn your son into a "sissy"? Want to turn him into a "real man"? Hug him and kiss him. Counterintuitive for many of you, I know, but none-the-less true.

Treat your child as a real human being! Yes, children are "real people". Humans from age 0 to age are all "real people". An unborn fetus, a tiny baby, a toddler, and a teenager, are all just as "human" as you are. Adults tend to forget that.

How many times have you heard the phrase "kids and pets", lumping the two together as if they were two examples of lower, sub-human life forms? This is a grave mistake. Children are not pets! Children are just as human, and just as worthy of respect, as adults. As soon as you start being disrespectful to your child, you have lost the Love that must drive the relationship.

Don't get into the pitfall of thinking that you deserve the respect of your child. No such thing is true! Your child owes you nothing. Remember, you were the one who forced existence onto your child by conceiving him or her in the first place. Having made that choice for your child, it is you who owes you child respect, not vice versa. A child will give you respect only if you earn it. And the only way to earn that respect is by first respecting the child. Listen to your child's concerns, rather than just laying down the law and saying "don't talk back!

So listen carefully to your child's concerns and try to give realistic advice. You would do as much for an adult friend, wouldn't you? But your children need an ear to bend much more than adults do.

So if you want to raise happy, healthy kids and maintain a strong parent-child relationship , always be there for them when they need your guidance. Always tell your children the whole truth about everything, and never lie to them. No, not even "little white lies". Convincing yourself that your child cannot understand the truth is no excuse; tell the truth anyway. Understanding is not required; truth is.

Only if you are unflaggingly honest with your children will they continue to believe you when you speak to them. If you prove yourself to be a liar, your kids won't believe you or take your advice or obey your commands. So if you want to be taken seriously by your kids, always tell the truth. Do not verbally abuse your children!

Don't call your kids dirty names or belittle them or tell them how stupid or worthless you think they are. Such verbal abuse severely harms children, because children do not have the emotional "hardness" of adults. An insult that an adult would ignore as harmless causes excruciating pain to a child. Saying things your kids don't like or don't agree with is OK, but being obnoxious or hurtful is not.

If you must reproach or admonish a child, always do it gently rather than harshly. Do not physically abuse your children! Do not beat your kids, or use them as punching bags to vent your wrath, or rape them, or torture them, or murder them. Do you think this goes without saying? No, it does not. Many, many parents do these horrible things to their kids every day. If you are one of them, give your children up for adoption immediately, then seek professional help from a good psychologist or psychiatrist.

Do not attempt to care for children again unless and until you can control your temper. And if you cannot force yourself to stop abusing children, do the world a favor and commit suicide.

Allow your child some contact with humanity! Do not meddle unnecessarily in your child's relationships with other people; children need to learn how to relate socially with people of various genders, ages, races, and walks of life, so it is unwise to try to isolate them from other people, unless absolutely necessary.

Restrict your child's contact with humanity! Does this contradict the above paragraph? In today's dangerous world, you do need to keep track of who your child communicates with. This is especially true of the Internet. Parentally controls and blocking are a good thing, especially with kids under about Such kids are sometimes preyed-on by dangerous adults, so it's a good idea to restrict and monitor their communications.

Respect your child's privacy! Do not unnecessarily meddle with your kids' private property, diaries, correspondence, computer files, and the like. You wouldn't allow your kids to do that to you, so why do you think it's OK to violate their privacy that way?

This is part of "treating children like real human beings". Your children are not your prisoners, so don't treat them as if they were. When necessary, violate your child's privacy! Yes, it does; but unfortunately, in today's dangerous world, it is sometimes necessary to see what you child's been up to, especially if you see evidence that your kid is getting into drugs, or is hanging out with the wrong crowd, or has been solicited by a suspicious adult.

Every idea is a new paragraph so that they don't end up with gi-normous paragraphs. One idea one paragraph. Students should be learning that from primary school. Then your conclusion needs to sum it all up, but you never include any new information because that shows you haven't planned.

Alix Johnson So the introduction introduces all the points of an essay, and then each point is expanded on in the subsequent paragraphs and then all of those points are rounded up and brought together in the conclusion.

Alix Johnson One thing that parents can do to help their children in high school is to proofread their homework. By proofreading you'll not only help your child, and offer a sense of support, that can help them feel more confident with the work that they're then submitting, but it can really help inform the parent about where their child is at.

You get to learn more about their life in high school, as well as where they're at academically and ways that you can help them. This site uses Google Translate, a free language translation service, as an aid. Please note translation accuracy will vary across languages. Copyright material available on this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.

This allows you to share and adapt this material for any purpose as long as attribution is given to: For more information go to http: At a glance Determine 'what is the question asking?

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The Wealth of a nation is not so much in its of economical and natural resources but it lies more decidedly in the kind and quality of the wealth of its children and youth. It is they who will be the creators and shapers of a nation’s tomorrow. The Children of today will be adults [ ].

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Free Children papers, essays, and research papers. The Ethics of Genetically Enhancing Children - The term designer children is unnerving at first to many. This free Sociology essay on Essay: Children in child beauty pageants is perfect for Sociology students to use as an example.