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❶You can also turn devices with 3G or 4G like smartphones into hotspots.

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A DSL modem makes use of the extra bandwidth on your telephone line to connect you to the Internet. Bandwidth is the frequency range that enables you to transmit signals to make telephone calls. This means that you can use the Internet through a DSL connection and make a phone call at the same time because there is plenty of bandwidth on the wire for both.

Your computer connects to the DSL modem, which in turn is connected to your service provider through an analog telephone line. Your service provider then connects you to the Internet through their DSLAM digital subscriber line access multiplexer. This is one way in which DSL is an improvement over cable modems, which slow down as more users in a particular area like a neighborhood or apartment complex connect to the cable line at once.

As a result, while cable companies may advertise faster Internet than DSL, cable may not always be faster in practice. You should do some research on the DSL service providers in your area to see how other customers have rated their service. If you already have a phone line, DSL can be a pretty cheap high speed Internet option. Today, you can get a cable company to provide you with telephone, television, and high speed Internet all in one.

Cable companies use actual physical cables to provide you with service. Using either coaxial cables, or a pairing of coaxial cables and fiber-optic cables, the cable company connects your home to their nearest company location. You can then get TV, Internet, and telephone service through the signals on the cables. A cable company provides you with Internet service via a cable modem. The cable modem uses the bandwidth available through a selection of TV channels to connect to the Internet.

Most cable companies now offer bundling , which allows you to use your cable service for TV, Internet, or telephone, or any combination of the three. However, you should do some research before buying a bundle to make sure that you are getting a good price on all three services. Cable companies are often more expensive than other service providers. But cable Internet does have some advantages. Cable Internet usually provides you with a pretty reliable and high quality Internet connection.

This is especially true if you are the first or only person connected to a particular cable channel. However, it can be difficult to share a cable high speed Internet connection among a lot of users. All of the users on your channel are sharing bandwidth, so you may see your connection slow down considerably if you have a lot of users on your connection, especially if any of those users needs to do a lot of data-intensive activity like streaming lots of videos or sending lots of large files.

Satellite high speed Internet providers are not exactly the most popular high speed Internet providers out there, but in some cases satellite Internet service may be a great choice. To use a satellite Internet service, you need to have a satellite dish that faces the equator because your satellite dish receives frequencies from an orbiting satellite over the equator. This satellite dish is connected to your modem so that you can use the frequencies to access the Internet.

Satellite Internet is not quite as easy to install and use as satellite TV service. WiFi, or wireless fidelity, refers to a system by which wireless devices like computers and tablets connect to the Internet through radio signals. When you want to use a WiFi network, you access the network through a router. Your wireless device communicates with the router, which in turn communicates with the Internet through an Ethernet connection.

Today, you can find a WiFi connection in most public places like restaurants, airports, hotels, businesses, etc. Wireless devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets come with built-in WiFi capabilities so you can connect to a WiFi network pretty much wherever you are if you have a wireless device with you.

Sometimes, you have to pay a fee to use a WiFi service in a public place. Other times, businesses will only give out WiFi passwords to their customers or clients. WiFi is a popular choice for large networks like campuses and businesses. However, you can now get a subscription to nationwide WiFi service with a number of wireless phone companies. You can also turn devices with 3G or 4G like smartphones into hotspots.

You can also build your own WiFi network in your home with a wireless router. There are lots of websites that you can check out to find out how to build a home WiFi network.

This solution is becoming increasingly popular, but it does require a little bit of technical know-how. Most wireless devices now have built in 3G and 4G access chips. It can be expensive to use 3G and 4G as an Internet service as phone companies charge high rates per gigabyte of data. However, some critics have noted that you can quickly use far more than 5GB of data if you are a heavy Internet user. There are no overage charges if you use more than 5GB of data because your service will be cut off until the end of the month if you use up your 5GB.

Dial-up has the advantage that it can be used by a wide range of customers because it is a very cost effective method of getting Internet access. If you already have a telephone line, then you only need to get a modem. However, you may be able to rent a modem for little or no cost. Download speeds usually are faster than upload speeds. Some processes — like watching high-definition movies or playing real-time video games — require a high-speed connection, but even basic Web browsing goes faster with one.

If you test your connection speed and you're not getting what you expected, ask your provider why and whether you can improve it. Buying a bundle of services from one provider can be a good deal. At the same time, it can make it more difficult to change providers for any one service if you're tied into a long-term contract.

In addition, promotional prices may have time limits. Ask how long they last, and what the post-promotion cost will be.

Get that in writing. Special promotion prices may be enticing, but get all the details. Ask the provider to explain the one-time, recurring, and special charges, including taxes and fees. Get all these quotes in writing. Some deals are available only online or by phone.

Even if you have to order your service online, call the provider first. Review all the information presented on the websites, the minimum system requirements, and the fine-print terms and conditions. Read the entire customer service agreement, and file it for future reference. Some promotions require you to install cables, modems, routers, satellite dishes or software yourself.

Find out early on what you'll need to do and whether support will be available on the phone or online if you have trouble.

Message boards on a manufacturer's website can be helpful for troubleshooting. Be aware that low promotional pricing may be for the lowest speeds.

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An Internet connection doesn’t require a large amount of bandwidth, so it is very easy to combine Internet service with TV service through one cable. Most cable companies now offer bundling, which allows you to use your cable service for TV, Internet, or telephone, or any combination of the three.

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Buying a bundle of services from one provider can be a good deal. At the same time, it can make it more difficult to change providers for any one service if you're tied into a long-term contract. In addition, promotional prices may have time limits.

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