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Breast Cancer Research Paper

Breast cancer research paper

❶Imaginis, Another symptom is erythema, an abnormal redness of the skin. Turkey and Erbekan Turkey and Erbekan.

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How To Write A Research Paper On Breast Cancer?
Introduction and incidence of breast cancer

Do not hesitate to refer to these rules and tips when you sit down to write this composition. We will teach you how to write impeccable introductions and conclusions for your term papers as well as show you how to conduct research for your term papers. Ideas on picking a topic Picking an argument topic Cover page formatting hints A topic in Economics Writing an outline APA references format 3 hints on term paper writing Free term paper samples Term paper basic structure Term project biology topic Great college research paper topics Finding research paper help Education research paper topics Insights for a criminal justice paper College term paper topics on Math Writing a research project on breast cancer Example titles for a term paper Looking for free term paper samples Getting Archaeology term paper examples Coming up with IB research project topics Inventing Biology term project topics Finding research project outline in the APA.

Tips And Examples A research paper on a disease, especially one as widespread and invasive as cancer, can be a tough act to pull off. Tips on Main Points The main points that you select could make or break your paper. Consider using some of the following ideas for your main points: For your support consider the following: Doctor interviews Medical periodical Patient interviews Survivor interviews Keep it Formal Because of the sensitive nature of this topic, you will be emotional as you write the essay.

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The etiology for fibroadenoma is unknown, but the pathogenesis is a clonal stromal component. There is proliferation of both the ducts and the stroma, numerous fibroblasts of the stroma can be seen along with a pale eosinophilic cytoplasm.

The typical duct epithelium often lines the glandular spaces which may lead to compression because of this fibrous proliferation. There are two types of breast pain, cyclic and non-cyclic.

Non-cyclic pain however, is often only experienced in certain area of the breast. This pain may sometimes be caused by injury or trauma to the breast such as after a breast biopsy. It is associated with both pre and post menopausal women and is most common in 40 to 50 year old. Although these pains often subside after a couple of years and are not usually associated with breast cancer the possibility still exists and therefore should be discussed with a physician.

Another symptom is erythema, an abnormal redness of the skin. There is dilation of the superficial capillaries of the skin which then leads to inflammation and redness. The tumor or cyst may cause this hypersensitive, inflammatory reaction, although it is not known for sure. Yet another symptom related to breast cancer can be nipple discharge.

The majority of nipple discharges are associated with non-malignant changes and are often caused by hormonal changes. Discharge is a concern when it is bloody, sticky and clear, brown or black, is spontaneous, or unilateral. Finally, discussion of the last symptom of breast cancer is enlarged lymph nodes. The enlargement is due to the production of additional white blood cells which helps ward off infection. The infections that cause this inflammation are often benign, but can be caused by the presence of cancer cells.

Unfortunately, the only way to find out whether the cause of the swelling is cancerous or non-cancerous is to perform a biopsy. However, some signs are more associated with being benign, such as, a node that is less than one centimeter in size, and is soft, rubbery and tender.

Lymph nodes are also the key factors in staging breast cancer and determining the prognosis of a patient. Stage one show a tumor which is less than 2 cm in size with no lymph node involvement or metastasis. In stage four the tumor size is not applicable, nor is lymph node involvement, but there is metastasis of other tissues. For this reason it is important to perform self breast exams and receive yearly mammograms after the age of The sooner the cancer is detected the quicker treatment can be started, and early treatment dramatically increases chances of survival.

Complications of this disease of course include death, but also fatigue which is usually associated with the treatment of the disease. Death caused by rapidly metastasizing cancerous agent is nearly unavoidable in later stages of the disease which again is why early detection is so critical. Fatigue related to treatment, which is due to the loss of so many cells and important energy producing agents can be helped.

A recent study showed that exercise during treatment dramatically improved the energy levels of the patients, both physically and mentally. As one may see from the above information of etiology, signs and symptoms, and potential complications of this disease, breast cancer is a serious disease that should not be taken lightly.

In order to prevent complications, it is important for women to perform self exams, get regular mammograms, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, so that if the disease does occur there is optimal prognosis. You can also order a custom essay, term paper, thesis, dissertation, research paper on breast cancer from our online custom writing company which provides students with non-plagiarized custom written papers at an affordable cost.

ACS, According to NABCO cancer is a group of more than different diseases and occurs when cells become abnormal and are without control or order. Any abnormality which is persistent in the breast should be assessed by a physician at early stages. Epidemiology of cancer determines the frequency and distribution of a disease and other health related events in a defined population. Epidemiological studies enable trends to be monitored over time and draws attention to deviations from normal patterns in subpopulations.

Examples of epidemiological factors that may affect the occurrence of cancer are age, gender, race and geography. Although, a global advancement in diagnosis and treatment has been seen, the weight of cancer on the world is still increasing. Through epidemiological studies it has been seen that many cancers can be prevented.

Cancer prevention includes primary, secondary and prevention methods. Primary prevention refers to avoiding cancer-causing substances in the environment or dietary elements associated with increased risk; dietary supplementation with putative protective agents.

Secondary prevention aims at early detection and removal of benign tumours of oral, cervical and breast cancers. It was estimated that in the year , over 10 million new cases of cancer worldwide occurred approximately 5.

The most frequently affected organs are lung, breast, colon, rectum, stomach and liver. Incidence is the proportion in the number of new cases within a specified time. Prevalence is the total number of cases of a disease that exist at one point in time.

When expressed in a defined population. Mortality refers to the number of deaths from a specific disease over a specified time period. Morbidity is a general description of the severity of sickness, measured in various ways, including:. Understanding epidemiology can help to unravel the aetiology, or cause, of a cancer. In the recent years there has been an increase in the occurrence of cancer.

The main factors contributing to this is due to urbanization, life style changes, industrialization, population growth and increased life span. It was 45 years in and increased to 62 years in This raise will cause a paradigm shift in the disease pattern from communicable diseases to non-communicable diseases like cancer, diabetes and hypertension. Cancer is considered the secondary death to mankind with nearly 5. It is estimated that cancer prevalence in India is close to 2. The impact of cancer is more than plain numbers.

It causes immense emotional trauma during the diagnosis and the treatment of cancer. It is a major financial issue, especially in developing countries like India. Milk is supplied by the duct. It shows science of itchy, these signs of itching under the skin. This will indicate small ductal carcinoma in suit disc. These are diagnosed in which abnormal cells lining to the breast duct, the abnormal cell surrounding breast tissue or progress outside the duct.

DCIS can progress to invasive breast cancer if it is left untreated. This type of cancer is spread whole part of the body, like bones, liver etc. The treatment which is treated most commonly in breast cancer is surgery these are two types they are:.

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You can also order a custom essay, term paper, thesis, dissertation, research paper on breast cancer from our online custom writing company which provides students with non-plagiarized custom written papers at an affordable cost.

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By theu | T+ September 24th, | Uncategorized | Comments Off on Breast cancer research paper Breat cancer research paper outline Thesis: Breast cancer, however, remains one of the major concerns in the medical field, mainly because it has many forms and happens to strike a large number of women.

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- According to the American Cancer Society, Each year, more than , women are diagnosed with breast cancer; furthermore Twelve percent of all women will contract the disease, and % of them will die from breast cancer (American Cancer Society, ). The most common symptoms of breast cancer are the following: lumps, pain, redness of breast skin, rashes around nipples, swelling, areas of thickened tissue, nipple discharges, sunken or inverted nipples, changes of forms and size in breasts and peeled, scaled or flaked breast skin.

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How to finish a research paper on breast cancer; Tips on conclusion writing; Example of a conclusion; Tips on research paper revision; How to start a research paper on breast cancer. The first is to think about the introductory part of the research paper on breast cancer that aims to catch the eyes of the reader. Researching is important to know . Writing a research paper about breast cancer it is important to include five basic parts into it. The introduction should contain the definition of the disease, its history and some statistics on the victims.