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Designers are harnessing this everyday material to create exquisite paper art.

Mosa Teams With Lush Cosmetics to Spearhead Sustainable Retail
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A good interior design must have the characteristic of an artist and be talented in creativity; he also has to have some knowledge in business and know how to solve a problem. A designer must also establish a time strategy. Interior design involves six types of designer. First, there is the interior designer who plans and furnishes the space.

The third type of interior design is the interior architect; his level is between the interior designer and the architect; he also plans the space. In addition, we have the interior stylish. He dresses the space and decorates it, and he also does surface design. Then we have a fit-out company that takes care of the architect and interior design concepts.

The process of designing includes many steps. The designer might sometime need special aid on structural work like an architect; the architect takes care of the patterns and the objects placement Matthew 1.

A professional interior designer must have an education and some training to be successful. The difference between a profession and a vocation is that a profession requires more education.

With a bachelor degree, a person can acquire an entry-level position and be an apprentice designer. In order to be employed, a designer must have a license. The designer will to take the state examination and pass it to qualify Ball After, the designer applies to a school placement office; he must present his resume and get ready for an interview Ball Moreover, the designer must establish a contract.

A contract is a verbal or written covenant between two people. In the interior design industry, there are three types of contract: The client and the designer are both needed to make an industry to grow successfully, and they are needed in contract.

A contract can also be made between a designer and the supplier Ball This stop-motion animation is one of her sweet creations. Hattie Newman creates images and sets for adverts, magazines, galleries, websites, and books around the world.

Layers of metallic paper leaves add a touch of luxury to the scene. The Self Preserving campaign from cosmetics company Lush to promote its use of natural ingredients saw shop windows all over Europe fill with epic paper art.

It was a collaborative effort, with artist Charlotte Day creating original illustrations of the natural ingredients found in the product range, which were then brought to life in 3D using textured paper to create shop window displays designed by Owen Gildersleeve. A special hero installation in Lush's flagship store in London's Oxford Street even moved, an installation that was masterminded by 3D designer Thomas Forsyth. She cites the Dada movement of the early 20th Century as key inspiration.

Paper art duo Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscroft aka Makerie Studio design and create showpieces for window installations, advertising and editorial clients. Making something constructive out of a stressful state of mind was a way of feeling less helpless, literally turning darkness into beauty. Each piece was handcrafted from iridescent gold and black paper, and features a central creature surrounded by circling predators.

Virgina-based designer Eric Standley takes paper art to a new level with his incredibly intricate, multi-layered creations, often inspired by Islamic or Gothic architecture.

This detailed design is based around the fractal geometry that occurs naturally in the universe. Take a look at his website for more breathtakingly detailed creations, or read our article on his laser-cut paper art. Lisa Nilsson works in a variety of media, but for us her stand-out work involves quilling.

We can't resist her Tissue series: The series is based around the theme of nature. Playful Rather than overwhelming a space, cover one wall in a nursery with an animated design like this modern animal print. Kelly green adds a burst of color in a gender-neutral shade.

Surprising Often taken for granted, the hallway can help define and guide the overall decorating style of a home. Take a cue from the room ahead and cover a narrow hall with a punchy pattern. Opulent For a space like the bedroom, make a sophisticated statement with a metallic print in a soft lavender and silver palette. Sophisticated Want to truly wow guests upon arrival?

Choose a wallpaper that's a little more daring than your usual style like a pale blue paper accented with stunning gold metallic florals. Tranquil Any paper with personality like this charming botanical print can turn an ordinary room into a work of art. Striking Not all drama needs to be rooted in a bright color. A retro '60s-style egg chair gets an instant transfomation from a mustard paper accentuated by a cool graphic design.

Energetic The right paper can turn a featureless dining room into a magnificent jewel box. A sleek table and neutral dining chairs get a natural lift when paired with a turquoise diamond print. Captivating Looking to take a stairwell to new decorative heights? Choose a floral pattern that is pretty, colorful, and that you won't tire of too quickly.

Refined Think beyond the expected—an open bookshelf turns into an instant focal point when positioned against a wall with a captivating print. Electrifying Add visual interest to a modern all-white dining area with the right print.

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March 21, Interior Design and Staging In this research, six aspects about Interior Design and Staging include the Origin of interior design, interior design and staging, designing process, education and training, professional .

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Free Essay: March 21, Interior Design and Staging In this research, six aspects about Interior Design and Staging include the Origin of interior design. Research Paper #2 Trends in Interior Design ID Interior Design Internship Due: Last day of summer semester The purpose of this research paper is to gather background information about the future of.