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The Industrial Revolution

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❶There were many advancements and changes in the Industrial Revolution that changed the way people live today.

Industrial Revolution

How the Industrial Revolution introduced modern life
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By the late s most European countries gave people the right to form unions and bargain on their own behalf. The fast growth of these labor unions gave workers many reforms. Children under ten no longer could be employed, which hurt many families, but was a turning point to the end of child labor. Other laws gave workers better conditions, wages and the standards of living rose. As the industrial revolution grew, so did the western social structure.

The middle class had grown into a way of life. Good manners were important and it controlled social behavior. Parents supervised their children so that they would not make a false impression on their parents.

As many middle class families had maids and cooks, the help at home also reflected their masters and were expected to be seen and not heard. Although earlier it was accepted for the parents to prearrange marriages, it became more common for children to choose their own husband or wife.

Between the husband and wife, the division of labor changed. At first husbands would be able to work so that their wives could stay home, while they would do charity work or do work for the church. These ideas rarely came into a lower class home.

As social order shifted, women began to protest restrictions on women. Women wanted more control over property and the right to vote. Although women did not get these rights very quickly, they slowly did in country after country. Education also became more popular, industrialized societies believed they needed an educated workforce.

As schooling became more and more popular, universities expanded, but at the time, only affordable by middle or upper class families. Many things happened in this period of time that it is easily seen why it is thought to have been a turning point in history.

Many people are to be accredited for all that came out of the Industrial Revolution. All these things sparked up the beginning of the revolution. Many brilliant minds contributed to the start and growth of the Industrial Revolution, some more famous than others. Two of the more famous people were Richard Trevithick and Henry Ford. These two men created inventions that influenced many things that we have in our modern day today.

Henry Ford was the man who created the assembly line. This invention is still even used today. The assembly line is used to make manufacturing products all around the world.

It has opened many job fields and it has also made things easier, cheaper, and faster to make. The assembly line is arguably one of the most important tools that we use today. Richard Trevithick, like Henry Ford also invented something very important to history. He invented the steamboat. Now this isn't something that we use as often as we do an assembly line, but it still had a major significance. In the s to s we didn't have a fast way to travel across water. This steamboat was a way for people to travel immensely faster over water.

This invention although not common impacted our world because it was the start of our travel on water and it influenced the boats we have today. The Industrial Revolution also impacted our communities then and now. During the revolution many factories began to open together to make manufacturing easier. People started to migrate to these locations in search for jobs.

Since so many people were constantly in these locations, they started to build houses and even business around the factories. These places became know as cities like we call them today. Many major cities began to form like this. Cities like Chicago, New York, Dallas and many more. These major cities not only unites us as a community but it also opened up many opportunities in job fields. One major inventure during this time was Eli Whitney. Eli Whitney was born in and attended Yale in Corrick.

Whitney established a gun factory in and produces around ten thousand needed muskets Corrick. Whitney invented the cotton gin and interchangeable parts. Interchangeable parts helped increase the amount of goods produced in a short amount of time and parts could easily be replaced if broken.

He invented the cotton gin in less than two weeks Corrick. Cotton gin is a machine that picks out seeds and other plant materials that are not needed or wanted in the product from the plantations. The Cotton gin greatly affected the Southern areas where all the plantations and slaves were. The North changed from agricultural to industrial while the south stayed in the agricultural ways. The Cotton gin created a greater demand for slaves in order to pick and sell more cotton.

Slave demand increased by five times in about fifty years Miss. The Industrial Revolution caused a rift between the south and the north which eventually lead up to the Civil war. Another inventor that had a great effect during the Industrial Revolution was Samuel F. Morse invented the telegraph People. Morse also went to Yale. The telegraph revolutionized communications. Instead of waiting days upon days people could get messages within minutes. This would also affect how information was received during future wars like the Civil war.

After Morse received his patent he was put into a law battle over who invented the telegraph first People. Market Revolution was to create a more efficient way to transport people, raw materials, and finished goods US History.

Market Revolution connected western farms to eastern markets Miss. Transportation before the Industrial Revolution took along time from weeks to months. Roads and railroads and other sources of transportation were invented during the Industrial revolution.

The Industrial Revolution: A brief history

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Research Paper. The Industrial Revolution had a major, and lasting affect on our world. We the people have benefited from it in many ways. The Industrial revolution has shaped the way we live today in many more ways than you can imagine, yet it happened so long ago.

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